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Orian Barzilay

Hairline Ink was created to be the indisputable leaders in the Scalp Micropigmentation industry. So we thought to ourselves: “How do we truly achieve that?” Well, we knew that being the leaders meant doing the best work, and that the best work comes from the best practitioners. Then, we realized that the best practitioners are the ones who have a genuine passion for their work, truly care about each procedure, and have an understanding of what their clients are going through.

Because Hairline Ink was created to be the indisputable leaders of the industry, we vowed to build a team of ‘All Stars’, based off what we knew it takes to create the best work in the world. And that’s why we are proud to introduce the newest member of Hairline Ink’s All Star Team: Orian Barzilay.

Passion & Experience

We believe that passion is not something you choose. Here at Hairline ink, we believe that true passion is something that chooses you. Orian’s work is renowned as some of the best in the industry largely because of his passion. So we chose Orian, because passion chose him.

Orian relates to Scalp Micropigmentation clients on a deep level, because he is one. At the age of 17, Orian Barzilay began experiencing hair loss. He tells us, “I was depressed for most of my youth because of my hair loss & didn’t feel like myself.” After an unsuccessful hair transplant at the age of 21, Orian began to realize that most hair loss “solutions” were expensive, ineffective, and only led to more frustration. After feeling a sense of hopelessness towards his situation for many years, Orian discovered Scalp Micropigmentation and was immediately struck with an overwhelming feeling. He saw the procedure not only as the solution for his problem, but also as his calling and purpose. He told us, “I knew immediately following my first session that I was meant to do this.”

Another invaluable factor in the equation of greatness is experience. After graduating at the top of his training class, Orian worked for a New York City scalp micropigmentation company, performing more than 1,500 procedures over several years. Orian served as one of the Lead Practitioners at this New York City SMP company. During that time, Orian also traveled across the United States raising awareness, completing consultations, and performing treatments in Miami, Houston, New York, Chicago, & more. Orian’s experience in the industry makes him an invaluable asset to the Hairline Ink Team.

But Orian has another kind of experience that cannot be quantified. We’re talking about the experience one gains throughout a lifetime. Orian Barzilay’s artistic abilities are exactly that kind of experience, and are part of why he was chosen as one of the members of Hairline Ink’s All Star Team. His lifelong hobbies of painting, as well as designing & creating clothing, have given him an amazing eye for detail and an intrinsic ability to create works of art. Orian’s industry experience is unquestionable, and his artistic experience, immeasurable.

Orian & Hairline Ink

orian-clientAlthough we could tell you more about why Orian was chosen to join the Hairline Ink team, we feel that his own words tell it best: “Every head I’ve worked on was as important to me as my own treatment.” Orian’s journey with Hairline Ink begins in New York City, where he will be working out of our brand new Manhattan office.

When asked why he wanted to join Hairline Ink, Orian said: “I want to share my positive results with all my future clients, because I know exactly how they all feel, and I know I can change their lives.” With an unrivaled level of passion, and an undeniable history of experience, Orian Barzilay is one of true leaders of the Scalp Micropigmentation industry.

Orian’s Clients and Testimonials

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