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Beautifully Executed Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment for Henry Tejada

Henry Tejeda returns for his second scalp micropigmentation treatment session to finalize his new and improved look!

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Beyond the Ink, Vol 2: Life Changing SMP for Lamar by Orian Barzilay

Lamar W has come to Hairline Ink for a full head scalp micropigmentation and scar coverup. During his second session, we asked him to recount his experience of his family’s reaction to surprising his family with his procedure, originally under the pretense of flying out to add to his collection of tattoos.

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Scalp Micropigmentation Client Tricks His Barber of 13 Years!

One of Orian’s clients had been visiting his barber for a haircut once a week for the past thirteen years and fooled the barber after his scalp micropigmentation!

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Client's Surprised Reaction After SMP Treatment

Mr Rodriguez opted not to look at his reflection until his treatment was complete. Upon seeing his new image for the first time- well, his smiling face says it all.

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Hairline Ink Artist Spotlight: Michal Muszynski

Hairline Ink’s Michal Muszynski, a leading practitioner in the scalp micropigmentation industry, describes what the treatment is and summarizes the process involved.

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A Closer Look Pt. 1 “The Struggle”

We asked some of our clients about the struggles they faced in their lives involving hair loss prior to their experience with micropigmentation.

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A Closer Look Pt. 3 “The Solution”

The reviews are in, and without a doubt, Hairline Ink is making its mark on people’s hearts and minds with our undeniable results.

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A Closer Look, Pt. 4 “Realistic”

This is exactly what we strive for with our work at Hairline Ink; for the results to look so authentic that they are indistinguishable from a natural hairline.

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A Closer Look, Pt 5 “Pain Level”

We asked our clients to talk about any pain or scalp sensitivity they might have experienced during or after the procedure and we were pleasantly unsurprised to hear from all of them that it was minimal to non-existent.

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A Closer Look, Pt 6 “Women & Hair Loss”

Our solution of quality Scalp Micropigmentation here at Hairline Ink, works for both men, and women suffering from hair loss.

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