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5 Shaved Head Style Icons

Sporting a clean-shaven look isn’t just for those with thinning hair: while many men who do experience thinning hair go for this option, a buzz cut or shaved head can be a style in its own right. Here are 5 famous celebs that have had or continue to rock a shaved cut:

#1 Terry Crews: The Old Spice guy is not only an icon of TV and movies but also for his shaved head. Perhaps most surprisingly, the shaved head is a choice, noted for its simplicity and for the fact that for Crews to have hair renders him unrecognizable to most.

#2 Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: The former wrestler and blockbuster actor also chooses to shave his hair. The reason he sports a shaved look is something only The Rock could say with confidence.

#3 Jason Statham: In the world of shaved head icons, Jason Statham has to be near the top. Often typecast as complex antihero characters, Statham maintains his intensity with his shaved head in movies such as The Italian Job and The Fast and the Furious series.

#4 Kristen Stewart: The teenaged legend thanks to her successful Twilight films, Kristen Stewart sported a shaved head on several occasions in the recent past. As she can attest, the look is, if anything, low-maintenance.

#5 Prince William: The Duke of Cambridge is keeping it clean while representing the Monarchy, having sported a shaved head since 2018. A shaved look is even for royalty.

Sometimes, a phenomenon known as male pattern baldness causes a shaven look to be uneven. Styling your hair can become frustrating. Luckily, cosmetic solutions exist that can help guys with thinning hair maintain a fuller-looking head of hair. And for men who are balding, this process can help maintain a constant clean-shaven look.

This process is known as scalp micropigmentation. By injecting small amounts of pigment to different points on the scalp, the micropigmentation experts of Hairline Ink can craft an individualized solution for your specific hair loss patterns. Side effects are minimal, and the treatment can usually be accomplished within 2-3 sessions, spaced only one week apart.

To get a free quote and get on the road to a fuller-looking head of hair today, contact the scalp micropigmentation experts of Hairline Ink at 585-250-0835, or start an online chat with one of our online representatives.

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