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Alex Longoria

Results of Scalp Micropigmentation

Alex began his journey with Hairline Ink as a Bilingual Client Care Representative and has become an essential part of the Hairline Ink team. He is an enthusiastic communicator who focuses on customer satisfaction, he has an incredibly positive attitude, and sharp attention to detail. Alex is committed to helping our clients understand the entire scalp micropigmentation procedure so they can make an informed decision about their hairline, is willing to go above and beyond to ensure that our clients are comfortable, and has even undergone the procedure himself.

Alex’s personal transformation with Scalp Micropigmentation at Hairline Ink!

Alex first discovered Hairline Ink through a network of like-minded individuals and realized he had the potential to help bring this incredible treatment to the Spanish-speaking community. After we met Alex and experienced his exceptional people skills, we knew that he would fit right in with our team!

Having personally struggled with hair loss, Alex knows what it’s like to search for treatments. Using his hair loss journey as a means to better understand others, he relates to the clients on a very personal level. His positive attitude and optimistic energy serve as an inspiration to our entire team, and our clients always enjoy working with him.

Before and after Scalp Micropigmentation

His favorite experience with Hairline Ink so far has been working with a client who was particularly skeptical about the authenticity of our results. The client wanted to know more about Alex’s personal opinion looking back on the experience. He was also interested to know if Alex had any regrets and if he felt better or worse for having done the procedure. Alex was able to exchange information with this client, share pictures through Instagram, and openly discuss his honest thoughts throughout the process.

With the same patience that Alex gives to all of our clients, he continued to respond and answer this client’s questions and concerns. The client eventually got enough answers, and ultimately felt comfortable moving forward with the procedure. To this day, he and Alex stay in touch through social media, and the client is extremely pleased with his results. Alex understands from first-hand experience that most clients, like this one, have doubts. He likes to encourage all of his clients to be cautious at first so that they ask plenty of questions.

Results of Scalp Micropigmentation

In his spare time, Alex likes to stay physically fit. He especially enjoys exploring nature through running, hiking, and biking. He also loves discovering the beauty in all places and tries to maintain a positive attitude at all times. If you’re interested in getting no-pressure information and find out if SMP is right for you, call our team today at 210-960-3879.

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