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Christopher Lopez

When creating Hairline Ink, our primary goal was to become the best in the scalp micropigmentation industry. Some set out to be the best for fortune, or fame, or recognition. Others attempt to be the best because of ego, status, or even greed. What these people fail to realize is that superficial motives almost always lead to superficial results. We believe that greatness is only attained when your motives are just as great as the goal you’re setting out to achieve.

Here at Hairline Ink our goal is to be the best in the industry, our motive is the feeling you get when you walk out of our door with your confidence renewed, and our greatness is attained through every life we’ve had the opportunity to improve through our work. In an effort to reach our goal, we’re proud to introduce a man whose goals and motives are as great as his work: Christopher Lopez.

Scalp Micropigmentation is more than a procedure; it’s an art. Thusly, truly great procedures are not done by average practitioners; they’re done by artists. With that being said it’s no surprise that Christopher Lopez has lived his life guided by a passion for art. From studying the beauty of nature as a child, to capturing the essence of a person’s spirit in his portrait drawings, Chris was born to create masterpieces.

Growing up in a poor neighborhood in Hartford, Connecticut, Chris witnessed the struggles and difficulties that so many people are faced with in life. Seeing this in his community and experiencing the hardships that he and his parents went through inspired in him a desire to change people’s lives in a meaningful way. “I always told myself that I wanted to help people out there somehow in some way.” In Chris’ early years, he saw his father begin losing hair. He noticed that the stress in his father’s life from struggling to provide for his family rapidly sped up his hair loss, further strengthening Chris’ drive to help ease the suffering of others; the same drive that would grow into a life-changing career years later.

Christopher Lopez

As a teenager, Chris discovered that creating art was one of his strongest, most rewarding passions. “I found myself always trying to draw different things I saw on the bus, on the way to school or just anywhere that I went, I always stared at different objects and mother nature and I would go home and draw what I had seen out in the world.” Chris also developed an interest in a variety of sports, working so hard to develop his skills that he became the Team Captain for three different sports teams at his High School, earning him the award for Best Male Athlete of the Year.

Chris’ path to Hairline Ink came one step closer as he began losing his hair in his late teens. After an unsuccessful FUE hair transplant in his mid-twenties, Chris’ hair loss began having negative effects on his confidence and on his life as a whole, stating that the transplant was “a waste of time and money. It did not work at all and I was really disappointed.” Shortly after, Chris discovered something that would not only solve his own hair loss issues, but also fulfill his desire to improve the lives of others; Scalp Micropigmentation.

Chris Lopez Hairline Ink

“When I found out about scalp micropigmentation & had the treatment done, I knew it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It changed my life so much that I told myself: if I feel this good about getting this treatment, I wonder how much other people will appreciate getting it done by me . . . and that brought me back to when I was young & wanted to help people out somehow in some way, and I knew that this was it. My work as a scalp micropigmentation artist is not just another job; it’s a life-changing career. I’m in it to help others improve their self-confidence & self-worth. If I can make others feel good about themselves through my work, then I’ve fulfilled my purpose. Scalp micropigmentation to me is unlike anything else I have ever been a part of, because it literally transforms your life for the better, in so many ways.”

Chris Lopez Hairline Ink

Chris’ drive to help others began at an early age when he witnessed firsthand life’s struggles. The remarkable quality of his work came to life as he developed a passion for art. And his purpose came to fruition when his life was changed by scalp micropigmentation. Chris’ goals and the authenticity of the motives behind them are what make him great, and creating a team based on these principles is what makes Hairline Ink the best.

Working out of our Manhattan office, Christopher Lopez is showing the world that fervent dedication, unmatched talent, and genuine motives are what it takes to do great things. “I look forward to changing many lives for the rest of my life.”

Chris Lopez Client Testimonial

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