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David Balzi

David Balzi is a Client Care Specialist and an essential component of what makes Hairline Ink so successful. He works closely with our clients to address their questions and concerns. David enjoys clarifying topics to better educate clients and is thankful that in this position he never has to make a hard sell. He approaches every meeting with our clients as a private consultant would, helping them attain as much information as possible so they can make the best decision. As David puts it, “I don’t feel like my work is complete until the client has all of the answers to their questions.”
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His passion for our services stems from his need to help others navigate their way through tough situations. Many of the clients David works with have tried other solutions to treat their hair loss, and most of them have experienced disappointment. He has heard stories that range from topical ointments for the scalp, which supposedly stimulate hair growth, amounting to nothing more than modern day snake oil to patients who have paid for hair transplants and end up losing more hair. For David, there is a sense of pride that comes with offering so many people a legitimate solution to hair loss, and he is more than happy to help them understand the procedure. If he didn’t believe with complete certainty that Hairline Ink offered an effective solution for hair loss, then he wouldn’t waste his time working with us.

If you ask David what his favorite part of the job is, he’ll tell you it’s witnessing a client’s enthusiastic reaction to the outcome of their procedure. It always makes him smile when a client cannot believe how incredible the treatment looks. The thing that he looks forward to every day is seeing the self-esteem boost that comes with a restored hairline. It reminds him of the important service that he provides people and that it’s just as much about helping the client find their confidence as it is a more youthful appearance.

His favorite examples of restored confidence come from interactions with men and women who have suffered from hair loss for years. Whether it’s younger clients with androgenic alopecia or those who stress about always wearing hats in public, something changes when they receive a permanent solution to their hair loss. He finds this constant reminder to be the biggest reason he loves working at Hairline Ink.

When he isn’t helping our clients understand the unique scalp micropigmentation procedures at Hairline Ink, he enjoys spending time outdoors, fishing, hiking and traveling. He also loves scuba diving and is currently working towards his PADI certification.

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