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Matt Ford

Founder and CMO

Matt Ford

Matt Ford is the Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Hairline Ink. In November 2015, Matt was introduced to scalp micropigmentation, the revolutionary hair loss solution, by Bradley who had connected with one of the leading artists in the industry. They knew it made sense to partner together to help transform the lives of those struggling along their hair loss journey. Matt values his partnership with Bradley and the core foundational beliefs and values they share. While performing very differently from one another, their combined perspectives fuse together to form a clear, creative and effective vision. 

Matt is passionate about working in industries that are as equally challenging as they are rewarding. Helping people to feel their best and live happy, fulfilling lives has always been a big part of Matt’s personal life; finding the opportunity to facilitate this in his professional life is something that he finds highly rewarding. Scalp Micropigmentation fills a huge gap in the market, providing the needs of countless people across the globe. It offers an alternative solution for people who can’t afford the high price tag of a hair transplant and who prefer not to undergo surgery in order to regain their confidence that has been lost over the course of their hair loss journey. SMP is often what people turn to when they have tried every other possible solution. It is here that Matt finds great value, in being able to receive those who feel discouraged by their hair loss journey and help walk them through a real solution towards feeling their best selves.

Motivated by the desire to always do his best, in everything he does, Matt is constantly searching for ways to grow and become a better person. He values improving his mental, physical and emotional health with a shared desire to help others do the same. Hairline Ink has opened up the opportunity for Matt to do just that. It is the feedback from Hairline Ink clients, “This changed my life” and “I finally got my confidence back” that truly reinforce the value Matt finds in helping others find an alternative solution to the hair loss solutions on the market. 

The Hairline Ink team is extremely dedicated and focused, while operating from an atmosphere that is always fun, supportive and a celebration of one anothers’ successes. This is one of the joys found in working as part of the Hairline Ink team. Aligned with Matt’s personal values of putting others first, is where Hairline Ink operates from – caring more about the people and the high quality service that can be provided to them is something that never takes a backseat.

In Matt’s spare time, he enjoys a range of physical activities, including snowboarding, hiking, camping, exercising and kickboxing. He is an avid music lover, playing the guitar, drums and piano. Fueled by his love for learning, Matt fills the rest of his free time listening to podcasts, reading and researching topics he enjoys. 

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Scalp Micropigmentation Overview

Whatever your circumstances may be, the entire team at Hairline Ink are passionate about helping individuals suffering from all forms of hair loss. Each member of our All-Star Team has personally dealt with hair loss / hair loss related confidence issues and eventually turned to Scalp Micropigmentation. Our goal- to help people suffering from any and all forms of hair loss to look and feel their absolute best.

We at Hairline Ink truly view our practitioners’ work as a form of art, and our talented technicians pour their passion into each and every client they work with. All of our practitioners not only preform SMP, but have also found SMP as the solution in their own lives. Having experienced hair loss themselves, our practitioners know just how emotional this issue is for individuals, and want you to know that we understand exactly what you’re going through.

Hairline Ink has offices in 50+ cities across North America.

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At Hairline Ink, we do our best to make sure that every client has an experience worth sharing. Just read what some of our clients are saying about their own results. A leap of faith is all it takes, and it starts with a simple phone call with one of our amazing  Client Care Managers.

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