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Megan Balzi

Megan Balzi is our Client Care Manager and a huge asset to our team! Her primary responsibility is to interact with our clients and ensure that they are taken care of. She also works hands-on with our practitioners to make sure each and every client visit goes smoothly. Her hospitality is unrivaled, and she is constantly getting praise for the outstanding customer service she provides.

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She is the type of person who wakes up every day and is excited to pursue new challenges. Her specialty is helping our clients find solutions to their hair loss problems. She often plays a supportive role for people who have questions or concerns about the scalp micropigmentation process. Her knowledge about Hairline Ink’s advanced procedures has helped countless clients understand what the process entails.

Many of our clients have never felt comfortable openly discussing their hair loss with anyone. However, once you meet Megan, you will see that she is sincere and quickly establishes trust with everyone she meets. We feel lucky to have her on our team since she is great at maintaining long-term client relationships.

She first heard about Hairline Ink while it was in its early stages, through a network of mutual friends. As our company began to expand, we realized that Hairline Ink was in desperate need of a team member who excelled in customer-facing roles. Soon after we met Megan, it was clear that she was the perfect match for our team. She was the missing piece to the puzzle and couldn’t be more aligned with our company’s goals.

All of Megan’s favorite memories with Hairline Ink have involved our clients. She loves receiving feedback about our treatments and how we can improve the process, but the most rewarding aspect of her job is client satisfaction. When a client sends her photographs of a significant life event, and they share how the Hairline Ink treatment changed their lives, it truly touches her heart. The best part about seeing these beautiful moments are the huge smiles in the photographs. To Megan, there is nothing quite as satisfying as when she sees rediscovered confidence on a client’s face. It is a reminder of why she loves going to work every day.

On her days off, Megan enjoys playing video games and hanging out with her cat, Wilson, but that’s only when she’s in the mood to relax. Having recently moved to a different city, she keeps herself busy by exploring everything that her new city has to offer. She loves finding new hiking spots, visiting local museums and amusement parks, and going to concerts.

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