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Michal Muszynski

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Hairline Ink was founded to be the irrefutable leaders of the Scalp Micropigmentation industry. So we asked ourselves: “How do we actually achieve this?” Well, we knew that becoming the leaders meant doing the best work, and that the best work comes from the world’s leading practitioners. Lastly, we found that the world’s best practitioners were the ones who have a deep-rooted passion for their work, genuinely care about every procedure, and have a sincere understanding of what their clients are going through, and what they need.

Because Hairline Ink was founded to be the irrefutable leaders of the industry, we vowed to create a team of ‘All Stars’, based off what we knew it takes to produce only the best work in the world. And that’s why we couldn’t be more proud to introduce the newest member of Hairline Ink’s All Star Team & Lead Practitioner of our Chicago office: Michal Muszynski.

Becoming “Magic Mike”

“Magic Mike” Muszynski is renowned as one of the best practitioners in the industry. Now you may be wondering, how does someone become regarded as one of the greatest scalp micropigmentation artists in the world?

We believe that the question of achieving greatness cannot simply be answered with words. That kind of question is answered only by the feeling you get when you experience something created by those who have achieved greatness in their field. The kind of feeling you get when you lay eyes on a painting by one of history’s most celebrated artists. Or when you hear a song by music’s most legendary songwriters. That indescribable feeling is the only true explanation of how “Magic Mike” Muszynski became known as one of the leading practitioners in the scalp micropigmentation industry.

Only Artists Can Create Works of Art

Growing up in Poland, Mike was constantly surrounded by art. Painting, drawing, sculpting, and writing music sparked within him a passion for creating art at a very young age. What Mike didn’t know then was that his interest in art would lead him to finding his purpose, mastering an art, and changing the lives of thousands. “To me, scalp micropigmentation is a life changing procedure where I get to work on a live canvas, and treat every client as my Mona Lisa.”

After High School, Mike decided to commit to his passion fully and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. Through his studies, Mike expanded his eclectic set of artistic skills to include fashion, logo, and graphic design techniques, further developing his perspective and eye for design. After over a decade of dedication to his art, Mike discovered his love for tattooing. While designing intricate tattoos for himself and many others, Mike discovered a particular form of tattooing that he not only enjoyed, but also had a rare gift for. The technique is called “Dot Work,” and Mike’s discovery of this particular technique was the catalyst for his entry into the world of scalp micropigmentation.

Hair Loss

Mike’s lifelong dedication to such a wide variety of art forms gave him invaluable skills and an unrivaled eye for design. But to rise to the top of any field takes something more. It takes something that, again, cannot simply be described in words. Something that cannot be learned, replicated, or counterfeited. What it takes is something real. Something authentic. A feeling. This feeling is only experienced when one person connects with another in a genuine, meaningful way. Mike inspires this powerful feeling in scalp micropigmentation clients, because he is one.

Mike’s struggle with hair loss began at a young age, affecting many aspects of his life. When Mike heard about scalp micropigmentation he decided to get the procedure from a Chicago scalp micropigmentation company. After the procedure, Mike realized that his love for tattooing had finally lead him where he was meant to be. He says, “I was truly inspired by the idea and how much of a difference it made in my life, and from that point on I wanted to share and pass on that feeling to others. Right then I knew that I had found my true calling.”

Mike traveled to the UK where he was trained by world renowned practitioners Paul Clark & Simon Lane. Later, he moved to Los Angeles to train with the company where he received his own SMP treatment. After receiving the best training the world had to offer, Mike moved to Chicago, Illinois where he would work for several years as a lead practitioner scalp micropigmentation practitioner, and earn the reputation as one of the top practitioners in the world. “I treat each client with dignity and make sure that every single person gets the best treatment and the most amazing results. I want each client to have the same life changing experience and feeling that I had years ago.”

Magic Mike & Hairline Ink

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Over 3,000 clients have come to Mike for his personalized, innovative technique of creating density, more realistic hairlines, and the “fade look” style. A large number of clients have even flown in from all of the world specifically to receive their treatment from Mike. Because Mike has experienced the same struggle as his clients, he is able to connect with them in a genuine, meaningful way. This connection inspires in his clients something that cannot simply be described in words. Something that cannot be learned, replicated, or counterfeited. Something real, and authentic. A feeling. Being able to create this feeling for others is why greatness chose “Magic Mike” to be one of the best in the world, and why we chose him to join Hairline Ink.

“Once I’m done with a client’s treatment the most rewarding gift is the feeling of seeing how much I’ve changed their life for the better, and the confidence they get right away. I don’t consider it work or a job or even a career, but more of as my passion, my art, and an opportunity to meet and spend time with amazing clients.” When creating Hairline Ink, we vowed to do the best work in the world by creating a team of “All Stars,” and the addition of Mike is a testament to that vow. Starting in October 2016, “Magic Mike” Muszynski will bring Hairline Ink, the true leaders of the scalp micropigmentation industry, to Chicago, Illinois.

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