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Scott "Ruger" Ryan

SMP Practitioner


After having scalp micropigmentation (SMP) treatment and personally experiencing the resulting confidence boost, Scott “Ruger” Ryan knew he wanted to become a practitioner. Scott loves that he can have a positive impact on clients’ lives by transforming their look. “[Hairline Ink] gives me an opportunity to change lives one person at a time,” the Chicago native says. “I feel as if this job has given me a sense of purpose again, a positive direction in life.”

In May 2018, a month before Scott’s 30th birthday, his younger brother passed away. Not long after, Scott noticed his hair was thinning and getting patchy. Scott had been sporting a shaved head look since he was 12 and had no desire to grow out his hair to cover up spots that were thinning. Scott stumbled upon SMP when he was looking at options for keeping the shaved look but not going completely bald. As someone who already had tattoos, SMP seemed like a natural fit and the most logical solution to his thinning hair.

During his research on SMP, he kept seeing ads for Hairline Ink. He began to read more about the company and lead practitioner “Magic Mike” Muszynski. After having a free consultation with Mike and seeing his skills and knowledge firsthand, Scott was sure that Hairline Ink was the place to get his treatment done.

Scott wanted to do something more meaningful with his life after the death of his brother. He had been in sales for nearly a decade, and while the money was good, he was miserable. Less than a month after his SMP treatment, Scott decided he wanted to get involved in the industry. He reached out to Mike and Hairline Ink CEO Bradley Lewis about breaking into the field. “It just so happened that the stars aligned, and they were looking for someone to assist Mike at the Chicago location,” he says.


As an artist, Scott had wanted for years to do something that allowed him to be creative. Hairline Ink has opened that door for him. He loves the learning process and technique involved with SMP. “Meeting new people every day, hearing their stories, and watching that transformation right in front of me is amazing,” he says. He adds that working with someone as skilled, relatable, and humble as Mike has been healthy for him in coping with his brother’s passing.

Scott says his most rewarding client experience involved an 18-year-old male who had suffered from alopecia throughout his teenage years. The client was about to go to college but felt like his condition was holding him back. “Watching that young man get his confidence back and no longer feeling any shame and embarrassment was incredible to witness,” Scott says.


Scott says his favorite thing about Hairline Ink that he gets to make a difference in other people’s lives on a daily basis. “I feel as though SMP is a job that puts good karma out into the universe for myself as a practitioner as well as clients,” he says.

In his spare time, Scott likes to spend time with his father and write and perform music. He has toured the country with SevenSixx, a hip-hop group he formed with two friends. A dog lover, Scott is also working on becoming a certified dog trainer.

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"My husband and I are so glad we went to hairline ink! My husband's micropigmintation looks so natural and it makes him look younger. I also had micropigmintation done on a scar on the back of my head they did such a fantastic job! This has changed our lives... Wish we would have done this sooner!"


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"Had some work done recently and let me just say, I am blown away with the results. My practicioner is truly amazing and just from talking to him, you can tell he really cares. I highly recommend Hairline Ink!"

Ulysses - Chicago, IL

"Best decision I ever made. Worth every dollar!"

"I went to another company first and all they did was take my money! I heard about hairline ink and it was the best decision I ever made... worth every dollar! My artist did an amazing job. Polite, courteous, respectful, and most important - passionate and dedicated to his work!!! Excellent service extremely classy and great environment highly recommend it!"

Luis - New York

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Scalp Micropigmentation Overview

Whatever your circumstances may be, the entire team at Hairline Ink are passionate about helping individuals suffering from all forms of hair loss. Each member of our All-Star Team has personally dealt with hair loss / hair loss related confidence issues and eventually turned to Scalp Micropigmentation. Our goal- to help people suffering from any and all forms of hair loss to look and feel their absolute best.

We at Hairline Ink truly view our practitioners’ work as a form of art, and our talented technicians pour their passion into each and every client they work with. All of our practitioners not only preform SMP, but have also found SMP as the solution in their own lives. Having experienced hair loss themselves, our practitioners know just how emotional this issue is for individuals, and want you to know that we understand exactly what you’re going through.

Currently, Hairline Ink’s offices are located in three of the most iconic, historical cities in America; Chicago, Illinois, New York City, New York, and San Antonio, Texas.

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