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Victor Cortes

Hairline Ink was created to change lives. We recognize that our procedures help change and better the lives of our clients because this same procedure changed many of our own lives. Because of this, we have an undeniable passion for our work. We believe that passion achieves the best results and that is how we will reach our goal of becoming the best in the industry. At Hairline Ink, we truly understand the importance of their work because all of our practitioners have experienced hair loss themselves and have a real connection with what each client is going through.

Our motivation is the feeling our clients get every time they look at their hairline with a new sense of confidence. Our passionate practitioners are well acquainted with this feeling and have a strong drive to give back to people who may be struggling with the same thing they went through. Because Hairline Ink was created to be the indisputable leaders of the industry, we vowed to build a team of ‘All-Stars’, based on what we knew it takes to create the best work in the world. We are proud to introduce the newest member of Hairline Ink’s All-Star Team: Victor Cortes!

We believe that passion is not something you can choose but something that drives you internally, which is sometimes driven by a significant event that happened in your life. Vic began losing his hairline in his mid-20s and not only did his confidence suffer greatly, but the things he enjoyed in life became significantly less enjoyable and important to him.  Victor has always had a passion for sports and working out to keep in shape. However, when he began losing his hairline in his mid-20s, he found himself no longer able to enjoy sports or working out. Instead of being able to focus on what he loved to do, he had to shift his attention to concealing his disappearing hairline.

Victor, like many men, found himself very uncomfortable with losing his hair.  He tried wearing hats (and having to buy clothes to match his different hats) but he was still not satisfied with how he looked.  When Victor discovered scalp micropigmentation, he knew that it was not only something that would solve his hair loss issues but something that would allow him to improve the lives of others dealing with hair loss, just like him.
Victor Cortes

“After searching the Internet, I found scalp micropigmentation for the first time, and I instantly fell in love with the idea. I called and booked a consultation. Once I saw my practitioner who had scalp micropigmentation done himself, I told him, ‘Book me in. There is no need to discuss the treatment!’ In my opinion, this is the best decision I have ever made.”

Victor’s passion for scalp micropigmentation stems from his own experience with the procedure. His SMP treatment changed his entire life, and now he hopes to change others’ lives so that they can also regain their confidence once again. After the procedure, Vic instantly felt more confident and consequently, he was able to get back to doing the things that he loved. Victor is more motivated to keep up with his workout regimen and continue looking his best. He says, “I look younger. I am motivated to eat healthier. My workouts are getting better all because of this boost of confidence the scalp micropigmentation procedure gave me.” We know that many men are going through the same experience with hair loss that Vic went through. But Victor has overcome his struggle and is looking to give back so that people can feel as great as he now does.
vic cortes hairline ink practitioner
Our practitioners here at Hairline Ink are a true testament to what our scalp micropigmentation procedure can do for you. Victor’s passion and desire to help others who are going through what he went through with his hair loss is what motivates him to be one of the very best scalp micropigmentation practitioners. He says the procedure is “more than life-changing, it is freedom.” Victor is still amazed at what this treatment has done for him five years after his scalp micropigmentation treatment. Victor hopes to transform lives just as he was transformed not so long ago.

We can measure Victor’s extensive training, but what we can’t measure is his passion and dedication to giving each client the results they deserve. Our passion is renewed after each session when the client first sees their results. Changing and bettering the lives of our clients is what keeps us passionate and driven, but also humble. With undeniable passion and a relentless hunger for helping others, Victor Cortes is truly a perfect fit for the Hairline Ink team.


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