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Techniques for Scalp Shading for Hair Loss

Scalp shading refers to a cosmetic procedure in which semi-permanent cosmetic makeup is applied to the scalp in order to create the illusion of hair. This process uses custom-colored ink to match the color of your skin and scalp, giving the appearance of hair where there no longer is any. The process of scalp shading […]

Stress Related Hair Loss

Oscar Pistorius and stress-related hair loss

Oscar Pistorius, the South African gold medal-winning Paralympian has been in the news cycle frequently for the ongoing legal trials and appeals following his conviction for the tragic shooting death of his girlfriend, Reeva Steinkamp. The incident occurred in 2013, and Pistorius has been in-and-out of courtrooms in an ongoing debate about the sentencing in […]


Does Toppik Hair Fiber Really Make Thinning Hair Look Thicker?

One commonly-marketed hair loss option available to consumers is to apply micro-fibers from a tube to give the “natural” appearance of thicker hair. The Toppik brand provides users with a keratin-based powder that physically binds to hair follicles and can last up to two days if the user does not bathe. Toppik works when positively […]


Why Long-Term Scalp Micropigmentation is Better than a Hair Loss Concealer

To put it simply, hair loss concealers are merely a temporary solution, while scalp micropigmentation is a more permanent one. While both options are different, each has its own set of benefits. It is, meanwhile, actually still important to compare the two because many people who want to try scalp micropigmentation have been relying on […]


Does a Link Exist Between Hair Loss and Anger?

People tend to think anger and hair loss are completely linked, and affect each other from both directions. Hair loss results in a general feeling of anger about appearance, and anger—through increased heart rates, stress, maybe even hair-pulling—causes hair loss. While it is undeniable that there are people out there who are angry that they are […]


Are there any herbal remedies for hair loss that actually work?

When it comes to herbal remedies for hair loss, the experts typically agree that there is no “silver bullet” to regain hair or prevent hair loss naturally. While doctors do recommend some supplements and lifestyle changes, there doesn’t seem to be an effective solution that has a noticeable effect on hair loss. Paradi Mirmirani, MD, […]

Blowing hair

How Much Hair Loss can be Considered “Normal”?

While most people will inevitably and unfortunately experience hair loss in their lives, an estimated 40 percent of women will actually experience hair loss by the time they reach their 40s. If people looked closely at their shower drains and their bathroom sinks, they might discover that these two places are where a lot of […]

Treating Alopecia

When Scalp Micropigmentation and Alopecia Universalis go Head to Head

Nowadays, to an extent, it is possible to camouflage alopecia universalis with the use of high-quality micropigmentation techniques. When taking into account all of the forms of alopecia, universalis is the most severe. It typically begins in the form of alopecia areata, which refers to patchy hair loss on the head. This can later progress […]


Fact or Fiction: Do Swimming Pools Contribute to Hair Loss?

When someone begins to experience hair loss, they usually try to quickly determine the reason for losing their hair. Is it genetics? Is it your diet or lifestyle? People often try to find out the reason why they are experiencing hair loss in order to change whatever activity or lifestyle choice they did to cause […]


What To Do After A Botched Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure

A botched scalp micropigmentation procedure can have a devastating impact on your appearance and overall confidence. You may feel discouraged and think that no one will ever get it right. Dealing with hair loss is already stressful enough, and that’s why the professionals at Hairline Ink, put all of our efforts into getting it right […]

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