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Can a Vegan Diet Cause Hair Loss?

Vegan diets are becoming increasingly popular for ethical, environmental, or health reasons. Unfortunately, one potential side effect of a vegan diet can be hair loss, as a result of certain nutritional deficiencies.

For vegans, getting good sources of nutrients that traditionally come from animal products can be a problem. Chiefly among these nutrients are vitamin B-12, zinc, iron, and protein. Vitamin B-12 is an essential nutrient for scalp health, and traditionally only found in animal products as well as fortified grains. Zinc, another important nutrient for hair growth, is also typically found in animal products. The nutrient can also be found in beans, seeds, and nuts.

Iron, while abundant in many vegetable products, is harder for your body to absorb in plant-based products than in animal products. Iron consumption must necessarily be higher than in non-vegan diets, given that iron is also an important nutrient for hair growth.

Finally, protein is important for strong hair growth. However, for vegans, it matters where this protein comes from. Vegans need to be careful not to eat too much soy protein, as it can cause issues with your thyroid. Thyroid issues, in turn, can cause excessive hair loss.

While a vegan diet itself does not cause hair loss, not obtaining nutrients the right way (or obtaining too few nutrients) can have a serious impact on hair growth and health. For many people, vegans included, hair loss is an issue that gets worse with age, stress, and dietary factors. There are many hair loss solutions out there that advertise cures, but few actually achieve lasting results with minimal side effects.

A cosmetic process known as skin micropigmentation can achieve a fuller-looking head of hair without major side effects, usually accomplished within 2-3 treatments one week apart. Scalp micropigmentation works by injecting small amounts of pigment into the skin, resulting in fuller-looking hair for those men with thin hair or a freshly-shaven look for bald men.

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