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Can Hair Loss Caused By Chemotherapy Be Prevented?

Hair loss caused by chemotherapy is one side effect of cancer treatment that people dread the most. Hair loss or thinning hair is often a blatant giveaway that someone is going through chemotherapy, which could be something that person is not comfortable sharing with the rest of the world. But is there a way to prevent losing your hair while undergoing treatment?

Hair loss during chemotherapy

The drugs used to fight cancer are so strong that they attack all cells in the body, including the ones on your scalp. Chemotherapy can also cause hair loss in other parts of your body, and it’s possible you could lose eyebrows, eyelashes, and pubic hair. According to the Mayo Clinic, different chemotherapy drugs administered at different dosages could lessen your risk of hair loss. Your cancer treatment team will be able to tell you what to expect as far as hair loss and other side effects while you undergo treatment.

Not everyone loses all of their hair during chemotherapy, but many people will at least experience hair thinning. You will notice your hair falling out between two and four weeks after beginning treatment. However, doctors note that it is very likely that your hair will grow back after you complete your treatment, but it might be a different texture or shade than your original hair.

Possible prevention techniques

Though doctors warn that hair loss should be an expected side effect of cancer treatment, there are a couple of ways to slow it down. The first is a scalp cooling cap, which can help slow the flow of blood to your head. This way, the drugs in your bloodstream will be less likely to affect the cells in your hair roots. Another method is to apply minoxidil, a drug associated with hair growth, to your scalp. It will not keep your hair from falling out but could promote faster regrowth after treatment has completed. Neither of these methods is scientifically proven to guarantee hair loss prevention.

Call the specialists at Hairline Ink

If you experienced some hair loss during chemotherapy and it has not grown back, you may consider a permanent solution. Hairline Ink offers scalp micropigmentation, which will add color and depth to your hairline. Additionally, we offer scar camouflage if you sustained scars on your scalp from cancer treatment or hair transplants. Call us at (646)-586-2063 to speak with a member of our team today.

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