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Can Hair Loss Due to Hormone Imbalance be Reversed?

Androgenic alopecia and other forms of hair loss are caused by genetic factors, but not every type of baldness is caused by a person’s DNA. Irregular hormone levels cause hair follicles to stop growing and fall out, and often, these hormone imbalances are treated with prescription medication. However, changes to your daily routine, like more sleep, dietary adjustments, and more frequent exercise can have a positive impact on your body’s hormone balance.

Men and women are both susceptible to losing hair when hormones levels are not right, and the good news is these conditions are usually reversible. Simple blood-tests are used to identify current levels of hormones throughout the body, and doctors are then able to determine which hormones are out of balance. Some of the most likely hormones to become imbalanced and cause premature hair loss are:

  • Estrogen and Progesterone – Women naturally produce high levels of these two hormones, but when there is an imbalance, the hair’s growth cycle is disrupted. Women who are experiencing menopause or pregnancy may also see thinning hair on their crown if these two hormones are not balanced with one another.
  • Testosterone – Testosterone is responsible for muscle growth in men and women, but too much of this hormone creates problems for the hair. When testosterone gets converted to dihydrotestosterone, also known as DHT, it attacks the root of the hair follicle, causing it to shrink. Over time, the hair shaft becomes thin and wispy, until eventually there is no more hair growth.
  • Resistance to Insulin – Insulin is regularly released by the pancreas after glucose levels in the bloodstream increase after eating or drinking. If your body can’t regulate insulin properly, it creates problems for the entire body, including your hair. People who develop insulin resistance are more likely to experience pattern baldness.

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