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Can swimming pools cause you to lose your hair?

The health benefits of swimming regularly are numerous. It builds muscle, strengthens your heart, and builds stamina. It’s a great workout and keeps your body in tip-top shape. But could swimming in a chlorinated pool have negative effects on your skin and hair? All swimming pools contain chlorine, a chemical used to disinfect the pools. Chlorine is also found in tap water, paper, plastic, and medications.

The effect of chlorine on hair

According to Allure, spending too much time in a chlorinated body of water can dry out your skin cells. The chemical strips the cells of their natural oils, leaving your skin feeling tight and your hair feeling brittle. A scientific journal called Dermatology published a study in 2000 that analyzed the effect chlorine has on human hair. It specifically wanted to determine whether chlorine increased your risk of losing hair. This study looked at 67 professional swimmers and 54 nonswimmers and found that 61% of swimmers displayed some hair discoloration. However, scientists could not confirm that the swimmers were at a higher risk of losing their hair.

How to protect yourself from chlorine

Even while chlorine does not definitively increase your risk of losing your hair, it is still wise to take steps to protect your hair and skin cells from its damaging effects. Allure recommends soaking your hair in fresh water before you even step into the pool. Then, apply a thick leave-in conditioner so that your hair soaks in its oils and moisture. Once you get out of the pool, be sure to rinse your hair with more fresh water and clean it with a gentle shampoo. Tap water from your shower also contains some amount of chlorine, so it is a good idea to moisturize your hair with conditioner again.

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