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Fact or Fiction: Adding Fats to Your Diet Can Combat Hair Loss

Once deemed the enemy of a healthy diet, saturated fats are now considered by many nutritionists and dieticians as not only a beneficial part of a healthy diet but an essential one. Nowhere is this more evident than the rise in popularity of the high-fat, low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet. Fat is beneficial for treating and preventing […]

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True or False: Caffeine Can Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss can be attributed to many different factors, including stress and genetic traits. Finding a relationship between these factors helps researchers establish a pattern of evidence that can be used to find a cure for androgenic alopecia. Recently, there have been a large number of studies done concerning the effects of caffeine on hair loss. […]

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Fact or Fiction: Adding Fat to Your Diet Can Combat Hair Loss

When you start losing your hair, it’s natural to seek remedies. It’s a known fact that poor nutrition can lead to hair loss, and addressing your lack of nutrients can lead to a fuller head of hair. There is a precedent for low-fat diets causing people’s hair to turn limp, lifeless and brittle. If you’ve […]


Fact or Fiction: Do my Testosterone Levels Actually Contribute to my Hair Loss?

Even those not undergoing hair loss have heard the rumor that male pattern baldness is related to the levels of testosterone in your body. It is believed that men with high levels of testosterone have a higher risk of hair loss. This rumor has permeated society, but is it true? While it is true, you […]

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Fact or Fiction: Is There a Link Between Creatine and Hair Loss?

Creatine is an organic supplement used by athletes to enhance their workouts. It’s a naturally occurring amino acid that can be found in meat and fish but is also produced independently by the human body. A healthy diet provides all of the creatine that the body needs, but it can be beneficial for athletes to […]


Fact or Fiction: Is my vegetarian diet keeping my hair healthy?

When it comes down to it, research will tell you time and time again that the best thing for your hair is a healthy diet full of protein. It’s not all bad news though: research shows that while the hair in people with protein-deficient diets is less strong, it’s just as “elastic” as meat eaters’ […]


Fact or Fiction: Is coconut oil a natural remedy to hair loss?

Many people have a go-to solution for most of their beauty problems, be it vitamins, a good diet, or a variety of natural oils, one of the most prevalent being coconut oil. For many, it’s simply a good moisturizer, and for others, it can even help to strengthen their hair. However, people should proceed with […]


Fact or Fiction: Do Swimming Pools Contribute to Hair Loss?

When someone begins to experience hair loss, they usually try to quickly determine the reason for losing their hair. Is it genetics? Is it your diet or lifestyle? People often try to find out the reason why they are experiencing hair loss in order to change whatever activity or lifestyle choice they did to cause […]


Fact or Fiction: Can Stem Cells Treat My Hair Loss?

From hair transplants to laser treatments, there are many options for treating hair loss, but there are often questions about their effectiveness. One alternative that’s been discussed for some time now the use of stem cells to reverse the effects of hair loss. In the simplest terms, stem cells are cells that aren’t assigned to […]

Boiled Egg Hairloss

Fact or Fiction: Can eggs prevent baldness?

When you suffer from excess hair loss, you may feel the need to make a change immediately in order to put a stop to the loss. Inadequate nutrition is a common reason for hair loss, which is probably why so many foods are promoted as surefire ways to prevent baldness. Eggs, either eaten or massaged […]

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