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Psoriasis and Hair Loss

Psoriasis is a condition that impacts 2-3% of the population. In the United States alone, nearly 7.5 million people have been diagnosed with psoriasis. Of all people who have been diagnosed, half will experience scalp psoriasis. While it is possible for scalp psoriasis to cause temporary hair loss, it is almost never the sole cause […]

It’s Okay to Care About Your Hair

If you’re losing your hair, no matter if the reason is genetic, stress-induced, or related to a medical or skin condition, the experience can mirror the grief process. Whether we like it or not, we are all attached to our appearance in some way or another. As defining features like hair begin to change, our […]

Postpartum Hair Loss

Though morning sickness and fatigue can be incredibly challenging, an advantage that many people enjoy during pregnancy is a boost to the hair’s thickness. About 15 weeks into a pregnancy, many women notice their hair becoming much fuller. This added thickness is caused by a hormonal change which impacts the normal hair cycle. Typically, the […]

Hair and Confidence

The confidence that we feel about our appearance is often, whether we’d like to admit it or not, driven by culturally promoted beauty standards. Depending on where you live, who your community praises as attractive, and how many of those attributes you possess, you may or may not feel confident in your appearance. Numerous studies […]

What if I am dissatisfied with my scalp micropigmentation?

At Hairline Ink, customer satisfaction is our main priority. We know the emotional and social strain that hair loss and hair thinning can have on a person, and we take multiple steps to ensure that once you undergo scalp micropigmentation, you leave knowing that your suffering is over forever. Because of our dedication to this […]

Hair Loss on the Keto Diet

Several studies pinpoint accelerated hair loss among those participating in a low carb diet. The ketogenic diet is not itself wholly responsible for hair loss, but it does serve as an explanation for those experiencing sudden hair loss. Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons the keto diet spurs on hair loss. […]

Could Pattern Hair Loss be Caused by Gut Bacteria?

Gut bacteria have been studied extensively in recent years, and now many experts agree that the gut acts as a secondary brain in our bodies. Gut health is directly linked to a properly functioning immune system and if compromised, could lead to conditions such as pattern hair loss. Pattern Hair Loss If you are experiencing […]

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What is Alopecia?

Alopecia can be broadly defined as baldness in areas of the body that normally experience hair growth. There are several different types of alopecia, and a dermatologist may be able to help identify what type of alopecia is associated with your hair loss. Unfortunately, there are no known cures for these conditions. However, there are several styles […]

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5 Major Causes of Hair Loss

If you are starting to notice a receding hairline or bald spots developing on your scalp, you may be wondering what’s changed about your body. There are lots of reasons that our bodies stop producing hair, and there may be ways to prevent hair loss from intensifying. Here are five (5) major causes of hair […]

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Premature Hair Loss – Why Does it Happen?

While it is well-known that conditions like androgenic alopecia are linked to an individual’s genetic makeup, balding family members do not always develop symptoms at the same age. Instead of following a consistent pattern, our hairlines seem to change at different rates. That’s because there are several other factors besides the code in your DNA […]

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