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Treating Alopecia

Defined Hairlines Before and After Scalp Micropigmentation

The definition of your hairline is largely up to you. For many, the definition of your hairline can be determined by how close to your forehead it is, how full it is, or even how straight it is. Most people come to Hairline Ink because they feel like their specific hairline doesn’t match their definition […]

Dental Health

Studies show link between dental health and alopecia

Scientists have recently suggested that there may be a very close relationship between dental disease and hair loss. Individuals who notice bald spots or patches on their scalp may also be suffering from a hidden tooth, infection, researchers say. According to researchers in the Department of Stomatology with the University of Granada (UGR), Spain, specifically […]

Stress Related Hair Loss

Oscar Pistorius and stress-related hair loss

Oscar Pistorius, the South African gold medal-winning Paralympian has been in the news cycle frequently for the ongoing legal trials and appeals following his conviction for the tragic shooting death of his girlfriend, Reeva Steinkamp. The incident occurred in 2013, and Pistorius has been in-and-out of courtrooms in an ongoing debate about the sentencing in […]


Does a Link Exist Between Hair Loss and Anger?

People tend to think anger and hair loss are completely linked, and affect each other from both directions. Hair loss results in a general feeling of anger about appearance, and anger—through increased heart rates, stress, maybe even hair-pulling—causes hair loss. While it is undeniable that there are people out there who are angry that they are […]

DHT Hairloss

How DHT and Hair Loss are Connected

DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, is the main cause of androgenic alopecia, or as it’s more commonly known: Male- and Female-Pattern Baldness. Men tend to notice androgenic alopecia in a receding hairline and thinning of the hair on the back of the head. Women notice it along the part line. For men, this pattern baldness can, and […]

Autumn and Hairloss

How Your Identity and Family History can Affect Your Hair Loss

Many people experience hair loss at some point in their lives. Often, the cause is nothing more than age, and as people get older, their chances for hair loss can begin to increase. However, there are many ways your heredity can determine how soon you will begin to lose your hair, and how much of […]

Dental Health

Dental Health and Hair Loss: Are They Related?

Sometimes it seems like just about everything can cause hair loss and severe thinning: caffeine, stress, genetics, skin conditions, iron deficiencies. The list keeps growing as researchers zero in on all of the scientific explanations behind various balding issues. Now, as wild as it sounds, experts have linked oral health and hair loss. That’s right—the […]

Autumn and Hairloss

How Autumn Relates to Your Hair Loss

There is a cyclical pattern of hair growth and loss in everyone. At any given time, the vast majority of hair follicles are in an active growth stage. At the same given time, a small percentage (around 10%) are in a resting stage where, at the end, the follicle will release the hair. It’s speculated […]

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