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Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment

You may have heard about the newly popular vampire facial. If you haven’t, it’s a skin treatment that creates a youthful, glowing complexion by utilizing your own blood. What’s even more surprising is that there is a treatment for hair loss that works in much the same way. It’s known as the platelet-rich plasma treatment, […]

Collagen and Hair Loss

Collagen is a protein that plays a crucial role in several different functions within our body. It is the most abundant protein in our bodies. The protein gives our skin strength and elasticity. It also helps replace dead skin cells. However, our ability to produce collagen declines around the age of thirty. When we age, […]

Essential Oils for Hair Growth

Experts use distillation and evaporation to extract essential oils from plants. These essential oils have numerous health benefits, including aiding with hair growth. Lavender Oil Lavender oil has the potential to increase the rate at which hair grows. Some studies have actually shown lavender oil to increase hair growth rates in mice. The essential oil […]

Finasteride vs Dutasteride

Finasteride and dutasteride are two of the most popular hair loss treatment drugs available on the market today. Both of these products work by stopping the body from converting testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. Dihydrotestosterone is an androgen responsible for male pattern baldness. Although the two drugs share the same benefits, they have different effects and purposes […]

Keratin and Hair Loss

Keratin is a protein that makes up about 90% of your hair’s composition. It is formed by 18 different amino acids and strengthens the make-up and elasticity of each strand of hair. If you are losing hair or your hair is thinning, understanding how you can improve your body’s keratin production may help you curb the […]

Biotin and Hair Loss

Biotin is a B vitamin that treats inflammation, improves cholesterol levels, and helps regulate blood pressure and blood sugar. Some studies and research have shown biotin to improve hair growth and regrowth as well. If your hair is thinning or falling out, improving your biotin intake could facilitate your body’s natural hair growth. In 2015, […]

Flut Denim Brands

How to Deal with Thinning Hair in your 20’s

If you are in your 20’s, you may be shocked to discover thinning hair. In our youth, we often take for granted factors that contribute to good health. Throughout our teenage years, recovery time after injuries and exercise is significantly lower and energy levels are higher. It’s not uncommon for teenagers to eat large meals or […]

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