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Do Hair Transplants Actually Work?

Hair loss is so common in both men and women around the world that hair transplants are an equally common procedure. During a hair transplant, a doctor will take hair from an area on your scalp or body with lots of thick hair and replant it to the part of your scalp that is thinning […]

Can Hairline Ink fix a botched hair treatment?

There are a variety of options available to anyone who wants to restore the confidence that they once had before struggling with hair loss or thinning hair. Unfortunately, some of these procedures can have negative side effects or fail entirely. Hair transplant surgery is one procedure that can fail to go as planned if the […]

How do hair transplants work?

Hair transplants have long been a common long-term option for those suffering from hair loss and thinning hair. Many resort to hair transplant surgery, sometimes referred to as follicular unit restoration, in hopes of restoring their full head of hair. This is accomplished by transplanting healthy follicular units from a donor site on the patient’s […]

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Is There a Future for Synthetic Hair Transplants?

In the modern age of medicine, it’s not such a wild idea to imagine the possibility of synthetic hair transplants. Plastic surgery has become incredibly advanced, and doctors routinely use artificial replacements for major body parts. If you can get a knee replaced or a pacemaker put in, how far away are we from being […]

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How Can Scalp Micropigmentation and FUE Work Together?

If there was a pill we could take or procedure that we could undergo to return our hair to its full glory, we would be the first in line. But it isn’t that simple. Hair loss is notoriously hard to treat. Pills can have dire side effects. Shampoos have limited success. Strip harvesting often leaves […]

Jamie Foxx Head Tattoo

Jamie Foxx’s Tattoo Might Reveal a Common Flaw in a Popular Hair Transplant Procedure

Jamie Foxx seems to just be getting better with age. Foxx was approaching forty when he had his biggest years to date. Between 2003 and 2006, he won an Academy Award, a BAFTA Award, and Golden Globe for his performance in Ray; he was nominated for an additional Academy Award for his performance in Collateral; […]

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