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Does Procerin Really Work?

Procerin is a dietary supplement that boasts it is a wonder-supplement for those suffering from male pattern baldness. According to its website, you may start seeing noticeable results in as little as a few weeks after you start using it. Not only does it reverse the pattern of hair loss, but it also regenerates dull […]

Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Hair Loss

Body dysmorphia is a mental condition in which you focus heavily on a perceived physical flaw that appears very minor or even nonexistent to everyone else. Body dysmorphia, also called body dysmorphic disorder or BDD, can sometimes cause someone so much anxiety about their physical appearance that they begin avoiding social interactions and outings. They […]

Derma-Rolling and Hair Loss

Derma-rolling, better known as micro-needling, is a process practiced by many dermatologists that involves rolling small needles over the skin, creating tiny injuries. The body healing these injuries leads to a dramatic uptick in collagen production, making the treatment popular in those looking for an anti-aging treatment. Given this regeneration of the skin, does micro-needling […]


The Best Haircuts for Balding Men

A simple, short-term solution for dealing with male pattern baldness is to get a haircut that gives you confidence and makes you feel great. Several factors need to be considered before determining the best haircut to match your style, such as where your baldness is located, the severity of hair loss, the shape of your […]

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True or False: Caffeine Can Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss can be attributed to many different factors, including stress and genetic traits. Finding a relationship between these factors helps researchers establish a pattern of evidence that can be used to find a cure for androgenic alopecia. Recently, there have been a large number of studies done concerning the effects of caffeine on hair loss. […]

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How to Spot Androgenic Alopecia

Androgenic alopecia is a condition that affects both men and women, and the cause is believed to be genetically linked. Also known as male or female pattern hair loss, androgenic alopecia is unavoidable, and there is no known cure to completely stop the hair from falling out. The unfortunate truth is that many people find […]


Is There a Connection Between Height and Hair Loss?

Healthcare professionals have dedicated entire careers searching for patterns to better understand how baldness develops, but what about the relationship between a person’s hair loss and their height? Dr. Stefanie Heilmann-Heimbach at the University of Bonn analyzed genetic data from 11,000 men who were experiencing premature hair loss and compared it to 12,000 men who […]

Causes of Male Pattern Baldness

What causes male pattern baldness?

Most men will experience thinning or loss of hair in their lifetime. 90% of this hair loss is due to male pattern baldness—a condition that’s often seen as a natural part of aging for most men. But why does your body forsake you in such a way? What’s actually going on? The circumstances in which […]

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