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Tricopigmentation vs. Scalp Micropigmentation: What is the Difference?

Tricopigmentation and scalp micropigmentation are both considered safe options in the United States to treat and conceal male or female pattern baldness. Although they share many similarities, they have very distinct results. As you learn more about hair loss solutions while deciding which treatment is best for you, it’s important to understand how these pigmentation […]

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The Problem with Hair Transplants

With so many options to prevent hair loss, it is essential to understand the potential risks of each treatment before committing to something that may or may not work. Hair transplants are a form of cosmetic surgery that many people consider in their search for hair loss solutions. The only problem with hair transplants is […]

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True or False: Caffeine Can Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss can be attributed to many different factors, including stress and genetic traits. Finding a relationship between these factors helps researchers establish a pattern of evidence that can be used to find a cure for androgenic alopecia. Recently, there have been a large number of studies done concerning the effects of caffeine on hair loss. […]

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Is There a Future for Synthetic Hair Transplants?

In the modern age of medicine, it’s not such a wild idea to imagine the possibility of synthetic hair transplants. Plastic surgery has become incredibly advanced, and doctors routinely use artificial replacements for major body parts. If you can get a knee replaced or a pacemaker put in, how far away are we from being […]

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The Dangers of Cheap Hair Transplants

With a recent increase in the number of hair transplants that occur, it’s no small wonder that many shady businesses are trying to pick up the practice too—granted, at a severely reduced price. This gambit is by and large meant only to line the pockets of businesses who would love your cash, but don’t quite […]


Why Hair Transplant Surgery is Not a Viable Option for Those With Alopecia Areata

Most sufferers of Alopecia Areata are said to experience their first outbreak before they even reach adulthood. If you’ve been living most of your life with the condition, you’ve probably heard, on more than one occasion, and experienced that your hair growth pattern is unpredictable. This is the basis for the reason that hair transplants […]


Techniques for Scalp Shading for Hair Loss

Scalp shading refers to a cosmetic procedure in which semi-permanent cosmetic makeup is applied to the scalp in order to create the illusion of hair. This process uses custom-colored ink to match the color of your skin and scalp, giving the appearance of hair where there no longer is any. The process of scalp shading […]


Does Toppik Hair Fiber Really Make Thinning Hair Look Thicker?

One commonly-marketed hair loss option available to consumers is to apply micro-fibers from a tube to give the “natural” appearance of thicker hair. The Toppik brand provides users with a keratin-based powder that physically binds to hair follicles and can last up to two days if the user does not bathe. Toppik works when positively […]


Are there any herbal remedies for hair loss that actually work?

When it comes to herbal remedies for hair loss, the experts typically agree that there is no “silver bullet” to regain hair or prevent hair loss naturally. While doctors do recommend some supplements and lifestyle changes, there doesn’t seem to be an effective solution that has a noticeable effect on hair loss. Paradi Mirmirani, MD, […]

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Are Hair Supplements Effective?

Hair supplements are often the first products people try when they first notice the signs of hair loss. However, if you research popularly-marketed supplements, you will immediately notice that reviews about their effectiveness are often mixed or are outright negative. Many supplements on the market advertise thicker, fuller hair; however, most clients report that they […]

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