Alex BEATS hair loss w Hairline Ink, says NO MORE HATS!

Alex Longoria is a young, fashionable guy whose energy, positivity, and wardrobe filled with brightly colored Volcom and Neff apparel would leave you assuming he’s 29, maybe 30 year old. But catch him without his signature flat-bill hat and you’ll realize that hidden underneath the youthful apparel is a 40-year-old man who has struggled with hair loss since his early 20s.

Alex heard about a job opening at Hairline Ink in 2017 through a friend and was quickly brought onboard as our Bilingual Specialist. After helping so many people go through the process of SMP, he decided to make the trip from San Antonio to New York for himself and undergo the process.

We follow his journey each step of the way, beginning with his massive hat collection, and ending with a restored hairline, feeling of youth, and overwhelming confidence!


So I was taking a look at my closet. I came to the realization that I owned more than 70 baseball caps. I also have about, I would say, anywhere between 15 to 20 fedoras. It’s crazy how you have to have a hat, you know, when you’re going through hair loss. You know, you have to have a nice hat when you go to, you know, a nice restaurant and either want to show up you’re not wearing a baseball cap. I was doing the math and if I would sell all the hats that I owned, it would pay for an extremely good portion of my procedure. I’m really excited to be able to just not really have to wear a hat.

All right, tomorrow is the day that I get scalp micro-pigmentation, still nice and sunny here in Texas but nevertheless, I can’t wait to [01:00] just bundle up and enjoy the cold weather in New York. Hairline Ink, here I come.

All right, so this is my last night here in Texas. I’m extremely nervous as you can see, I still want to wear a hat because it goes with all my shirts but nevertheless, it’s time to go super excited, super nervous. Wish me luck. I’m seeing myself for the last time without a hairline and its crazy because tomorrow… I’m gonna have a hairline. No hairline today, hairline tomorrow.

All right, we made it to New York. Man that was a crazy screen, right? Hey Big, how’s it going…? Likewise… Yes, very excited. I’m gonna just take your advice. Basically, [02:00] I haven’t seen my hairline for 10 years. Hopefully, you’ll be able to tell where it actually starts, where it ends, how it connects to the sides. I can’t see the back of my head also, so I don’t know how much hair loss I’ve experienced there. I’m just at this point kind of taking your advice to the best of the capabilities. Let’s do it.

I think my right side started going out first, and then my left, and then it just goes to show that hair loss comes in so many different ways, and shapes. And I can’t wait to see how it actually comes out, yeah. And it’s awesome. Yeah, I do it. I mean it looks so cool. I’m too excited right now to say anything so… [03:00]I trust you as artists with their song. I wanna have this hair like the best way possible. Since I work in support, I want to be able to use everything that I tell people to follow the instructions, don’t shower

Many emotions, all positive. Anxious to see what I look like, excited to see how it’s gonna make me feel, just ultimately really happy to be able to go to this experience. I just can’t wait right now to see myself. You guys tell me when… Oh… really.

Oh my god!!

Sorry, I laugh a lot. I think it’s incredible, my god!! Oh my god, I have not seen myself like this in more than 10 years. So it’s really hard to register the information.

Man, my hairline is packed. If you gotta do this, you gotta do this. This is just an amazing experience.

It looks extremely real. I used to always have long hair and I buzzed it. When I was 23, 17 years ago and this is how it looked, and that was a long… time ago.

My name is Alex Longoria and I am from San Antonio, Texas. I heard through a good friend of mine via networking about scalp micro-pigmentation. I look further into it and I’m very lucky [05:00] to not only have the procedure myself but I work for customer support. So I’ll be able to help every single client that’s an existing right now and those that are going to be coming into the company and helping them with a deeper knowledge of scalp Micro-pigmentation. As I’m turning 40 this year, so… it’s an overall feeling of health and wariness. You know, after you hit 40, sometimes yourself just seems to want to just age and just sort of let go, and so I want to be able to just feel good from the top all the way to the bottom and take care of myself from the outside in. And the more I look at myself, the happier the emotion get.

If you are thinking about this procedure, scalp Micro-pigmentation, give yourself the opportunity to at least do the research. Call me, if you need, to our customer support; I’ll be able to help you out. And just [06:00] believe that we are the number one when it comes to giving yourself the opportunity to feel good about yourself. You know having a hairline again, it’s just something that, you know, it’s an investment that you actually are gonna go into. And so I feel really positive that you’ll be taken care of by really good people, a great company, and an amazing procedure.

Immediately following my first session, it was an exciting feeling. It was, you know, just a wave of emotions, you know, only for the fact that I hadn’t seen my hairline in ten years, and every day after that, it’s just more emotions developed as time flew by. New York has been awesome; I’ve done a lot of museums, a lot of Times Square, a lot of theatres, and a lot of good food. My redness went away within a few days actually, 3 to be exact. So it’s basically just taking care of it and also just maintaining some good temperature for you to go away. After posting my pics [07:00] online, I have had positive feedback from my friends and my family. I can’t wait to go actually back home to have like a good interaction. But definitely, you know, the reaction that I got from, specifically, my family was really positive, especially for the fact that they saw me with a hairline for the first time in many-many years.

I think I’m able now to actually find the correct scale of, you know, the most frequently asked questions of when it comes to pain, you know, when it comes to the aftercare, and how easy it actually is. And when it comes to basically anything that has to do with the procedure, you’re gonna see that you’ll be looking at yourself a lot more very differently and seriously, really-really just in a sense of happiness. I mean the advice feels this good after session one, I cannot fathom how it’s gonna feel after session two. Well basically, session two is you know what to expect. At this [08:00] point, you just know that you’re gonna feel, you know, twice as good as you did before.

Mr. Vic, let me tell you, he does an amazing job at really focusing on what your needs are and making this look beyond my imagination. You can never look at this too fast.

I can’t even see this part so I can only imagine how it looks, like, you know, I work here, so I always say it has a very realistic look but this one right here, it looks like, maybe I have an actual real number one — nah… what can I say? I mean this is– I’m extremely [09:00] happy!! Hey Vic, man you did… Man, you did an amazing job. You know, after seeing Session two, you really-really put things into perspective of the confidence that you had in your 20’s. So I’m double that age right now, and to think that I’m gonna be dealing with this sense of no more hats, no more bad lighting, people, you know, thinking that ‘I’m bald,’ this sense of not feeling good about yourself; and for you to erase that from your head, that’s just something that is quickly falling into my psyche right now at this very moment.

So now that I finished Session two and I’m thinking about different ways that it’s gonna impact my life actually and confidence is number one. I mean it’s definitely gonna boost up this ability to have a really good ego which is really good if you use it for good intentions, like bettering your health, feeling good about yourself or feeling good about your relationships; and once you feel really good inside, all you gonna do is just send all that love out. You know, whenever you are losing hair, you are going through– you go through transplants, you go through toupees, you go through hats, you go through different kinds of procedures, you know, but now I know what it feels like, now I’ll be able to help others, and you’ll be able to get some really good assistance from me, so I’ll definitely be able to answer any question you have. Yeah, the ability to help others now, it’s gonna be a lot easier. After session two, when I started seeing it for the first time and I saw this side, and then I saw this side, and then I saw this side of me, am I stoop here? [11:00]

Hey guys, it’s been one month since my trip from New York. And my SMP is looking really nice. If you can see, it is very well healed at this point. I’m already at the beach, enjoying my SMP, not wearing a hat– feeling really good, and went from New York to the shore down here at the Gulf of Mexico. Life pretty would be sweet, huh? I’ve that man.

The best results come from the best people. Hairline Ink's heart and soul is a combination of both, our clients and our practitioners. This is what sets us apart in the industry.

The best results come from the best people. Hairline Ink's heart and soul is a combination of both, our clients and our practitioners. This is what sets us apart in the industry.

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