Beyond the Ink, Vol 2: Life Changing SMP at Hairline Ink New York

Hairline Ink demonstrates and explains the process of using Micropigmentation to replace lost pigment in scar tissue.  Lamar W has come to Hairline Ink for a full head scalp micropigmentation and scar coverup. During his second session, we asked him to recount his experience of his family’s reaction to surprising his family with his procedure, originally under the pretense of flying out to add to his collection of tattoos. Upon reuniting with his family, they asked to see his new tattoo, totally unaware that they were already looking at it.

The results speak for themselves and Lamar and his family were thrilled with the treatment Lamar received here at Hairline Ink.  Lamar, a former recipient of a hair transplant procedure, having had both treatments, says he would “definitely advise this [scalp micropigmentation] over any hair transplant or any other procedure.”

Thanks for trusting in us Lamar! We at Hairline Ink are proud to be involved in improving people’s quality of life every day.


Practitioner: So here with the first session, we’re going over the scar. As you can see, we haven’t touched it yet. First session’s going to be a light density, just like the rest of the treatment you want to see how the ink takes to it. The thing is with a scar, is that it gets very inflamed as soon as you touch it. So you want to make sure you do a consistent amount of work going through everything one time and then you don’t want to try and overreach or do anything extra. Because the most important part of the first session is to see how the treatment settles into the skin. Alright, so we first start with a few dots, just to get an idea of how it’s going to look. Hey guys, so we just finished our first session here. We’re going to wipe down the treatment now.  So that we can actually reveal dots that are actually a lot smaller than they appear. When you initially do that, you kind of leave a little residue stain just around the perimeter of the dot itself and once you wipe it down you actually see that the dots are a lot smaller, a lot cleaner and a lot more natural looking of course.

I’m here with Lamar, closing up his second session. As you guys can see, we’ve made a lot of progress in the front and now we’ll move towards the back. He actually originally told his family and friends that he’s just getting more tattoos done.

LAMAR: Yeah, um, coming up here from Virginia Beach. So my grandma and girl were like, “Okay, where you getting it at?” and I didn’t say anything, I just said,” Ah, I’ll let you see it afterwards.” So I come home, get my hat off, my girl and grandma were there, and they’re like. “Okay, let me see your tattoo. Where’d you get it ?” and I’m like you’re looking at it. They didn’t notice anything

Practitioner: So now after you told them you had the work done, what was their reaction?

LAMAR: My girl was like, “Oh, it looks so good. It looks good. I can’t even tell you got anything done.” I said, “Yup”. I told them about the second session and that everything would be finalized.

Practitioner: And that’s why we’re here, second session.

LAMAR: Definitely, and everything looks natural.

Practitioner: Alright Lamar, like a few of our other clients, has also elected NOT to look at his treatment. He has not seen the results since his first session. The floor is yours.

LAMAR: Man. Haha oh, hell yeah. That’s what I’m talking about.

Practitioner: That’s what I want to hear, that’s it.

LAMAR: Oh yeah, you was right. On the uh,

Practitioner: On the profiles, right.

LAMAR: Yeah.

Practitioner:They’re perfect where they are.

LAMAR: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Ha ha, perfect. The first session, I felt like it was definitely going in the right direction because I was like, “It looks this great and I still have another session to perfect it.”

Practitioner: That’s correct.

LAMAR: So I was like I know this is gonna turn out 100% what I wanted.

Practitioner: Aftercare instructions are very simple, easy to follow?

LAMAR: Yes, yes. I didn’t wash my hair, head no sweating, no gel.

Practitioner: Simple enough, don’t do anything, just relax.

LAMAR: Relax. Haha, yeah. The second session I was definitely way more excited because I know that’s kinda like perfection session, because really you can walk away from the first session and be done as good as it came out. but that second session really, you feel like filing in and perfecting everything you want. So it was definitely more exciting on the second session.

Practitioner: Now, you’ve tried something else before?

LAMAR: Yeah, I have a hair transplant, about 1,500 graffs. It was not successful, I was not happy at all. I definitely would advise this 100% over any hair transplant, or any other procedure, laser, comb, anything. This will be 100% more satisfaction in this.   

The best results come from the best people. Hairline Ink's heart and soul is a combination of both, our clients and our practitioners. This is what sets us apart in the industry.

The best results come from the best people. Hairline Ink's heart and soul is a combination of both, our clients and our practitioners. This is what sets us apart in the industry.

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