Solving Mens Hair Loss with Advanced Cosmetic Tattoo

Some clients who come to Hairline Ink have tried other options with limited or no success. In J.P.’s case, he attempted Bosley after realizing he was losing hair at 25. The results from Bosley were exciting at first, but J.P. didn’t like the large scar and bald spots still on his head. He came to us looking to have those parts of his head filled in for good. After a few hours, J.P. was thrilled with his results and thankful there was a solution to his problem.

When you seek treatment for your hair loss, you deserve great results that look natural and leave you feeling confident. Other companies make big promises, but they fail to deliver results far too often. With offices in New York City and Chicago, Hairline Ink can correct past treatments and help you achieve the look you want. Contact us today or call 585-250-0835 for more information.



It’s amazing, it looks real.
It looks like real hair!
I realized it right around when I was 25. 
I looked back and saw my high school graduation picture
and that’s when I realized everything was starting to go.
Sprinkling some stuff on my head… it was not fun.
I did Bosley… 
They didn’t really tell me about how big the scar was going to be, all that kind of stuff.
I was pretty disappointed in everything.
It was nice up front, but now, the effects afterwards have not been good.
To get my scar fixed and to fill in all the spots.
I know you guys are going to do a great job because I have seen all your other videos.
I’m ready!
I’m extremely happy as I expected and I’m super happy I have
no scar on the back of my head.
My whole head situation is taken care of. Permanently. 
I’m just really happy with the whole process and just thrilled 
there is a solution to this problem.
I told a couple guys at work, and when I came back, they were amazed!
They didn’t get it.
There were a couple of other people that were just like, “you look different.”
My mom and my dad were blown away.
My dad was like, “I want to get it too!”
Ready for session #2? Yes sir!
No more bald spots, scar is all cleared up
and this session went a lot quicker than the first one.
It was just covering the bald spot, mainly the scar though.
I just did not like it and everything is cleared up!
No more hats, it’s just going to be very easy.


The best results come from the best people. Hairline Ink's heart and soul is a combination of both, our clients and our practitioners. This is what sets us apart in the industry.

The best results come from the best people. Hairline Ink's heart and soul is a combination of both, our clients and our practitioners. This is what sets us apart in the industry.

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