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Dealing with Seasonal Hair Loss in Autumn

The changing seasons mean more than just cooler weather and upcoming holidays – they also mean that you might lose more hair. In the fall and winter months, many people experience more shedding. But why is this? There are a few factors that contribute to greater hair loss in autumn.

The lifecycle of a hair follicle

Hair follicles go through phases of life, like the other cells in our bodies. According to an article from Allure, many of our hair follicles are in the “telogen” phase in July, and hairs in this phase of life usually fall out about 100 days later. But if your hair follicles are healthy, this is normal, and your hair should grow back eventually. Scientists aren’t sure exactly why we shed more hair in the fall, but some believe it is because we need more hair in the summer months to protect our scalps from the sun.

Dry & brittle summer hair

Another theory as to why our hair falls out at the end of summer is that the hot months put too much strain on them. Harsh sunlight, chlorine from pools, and intense heat damage hair and make it more prone to breaking and falling out.

Preventing hair loss

There are ways to help prevent hair loss in the fall and to keep your hair healthy in the hot summer months. Experts recommend:

  • Taking vitamins and supplements such as biotin to prevent breakage
  • Get a haircut to eliminate dead ends and unhealthy strands
  • Deep condition your hair with coconut oil or use a hair mask with honey and apple cider vinegar

Our Solution

Losing your hair during the cooler months is a normal part of everyone’s life, but if you notice a significant loss of hair that concerns you, there may be greater underlying health factors. When hair loss starts affecting your self-confidence and quality of life, we at Hairline Ink have a solution called scalp micropigmentation, which is a process that employs pigment (color) and needles to add 3-D texture to your hairline. Our technicians use cutting-edge tools and technology to provide our clients with the best-looking hairline, even if they have lost all of their hair.

Contact us at 646-586-2063 if you are interested in learning more about booking an appointment with Hairline Ink. Or, you can get a free quote on our website anytime.

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