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Derma-Rolling and Hair Loss

Derma-rolling, better known as micro-needling, is a process practiced by many dermatologists that involves rolling small needles over the skin, creating tiny injuries. The body healing these injuries leads to a dramatic uptick in collagen production, making the treatment popular in those looking for an anti-aging treatment.

Given this regeneration of the skin, does micro-needling have a role to play in helping to recover lost hair?

Indeed, there is some evidence to support the theory that micro-needling can help with hair loss. The idea is that by creating small tears in the skin, stem cell growth and productivity is kickstarted, leading to hair growth.

Micro-needling has also been shown to facilitate the absorption of more traditional hair loss treatments, such as Rogaine. Like any treatment method, however, nothing is guaranteed, and there can be significant side effects.

Those with conditions that slow healing, such as diabetes or keloid scars, or those on blood thinners probably are not good candidates for micro-needling. Additionally, this process can cause a significant amount of burning and inflammation, depending on how your skin reacts.

While there are many treatment options out there today, including micro-needling, these types of treatments are often going up against heredity hair loss and other factors that are beyond your control, and thus requiring time-consuming and expensive retreatment.

Scalp micropigmentation is a physical treatment of hair loss that involves injecting small amounts of pigment into the skin, in a pattern that is to the patient’s liking.

This is usually accomplished in 2-3 treatments, one week apart, and there are no major side effects either during or after treatment. For men with thinning hair, this means a fuller-looking head of hair, while balding men can create a freshly shaved look with no maintenance!

No matter if you have tried micro-needling, another treatment or are just looking into treatments for hair loss, the scalp micropigmentation experts of Hairline Ink are here to help you.

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