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Do Other Animals Besides Humans Go Bald?

For many men, going bald is inevitable. The source of pattern baldness is genetically linked, and there are no known cures. When humans go bald, the quality of hair deteriorates over time as a response to the hormone DHT, which causes the hair follicle to shrink until there is nothing left. Mammals are characteristically defined as having hair, but are humans the only type of animal that goes bald?

Other animals can lose their hair, although the causes of hair loss across the animal kingdom can vary greatly. Some animals suffer from alopecia, the same condition that causes hair loss in humans. For some unknown reason, captured Andean bears, especially sexually mature females, are significantly more likely to experience permanent hair loss that is accompanied by extreme itchiness. Female rhesus macaques sometimes lose their hair during pregnancy or just after giving birth, a phenomenon that is experienced by humans as well.

The stump-tailed macaque, a different species of primate that is native to South Asia, encounter pattern baldness in a way that is similar to what older human males experience. Some species of dogs, such as dachshunds and greyhounds, also experience a similar style of pattern baldness as they age because of poor breeding practices.

Temporary hair loss in animals is sometimes caused by battle wounds or scratches from a fall, while more permanent forms of hair loss are caused by severe trauma or infections. Social hair-pulling is a common behavior in primates, but scientists aren’t quite sure why rhesus macaques spend part of each day creating temporary bald spots on one another. Fungal infections, like ringworm, embed within the skin and damage the hair follicles until the fungus is killed. Parasites, such as mites, cause the animal’s skin to become inflamed and it eventually destroys the hair follicles over time, causing mange.

It may be tough to be a balding human, but at least you have more options to treat your symptoms than a wild animal. Scalp micropigmentation is a permanent solution for people who want to address their hair loss, and the process can usually be completed with just two treatments. Contact the experts at Hairline Ink today to learn more about restoring your confidence using this unique method by calling (585) 250-0835.

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