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Do Ponytails Cause Hair Loss?

It can be disconcerting to hear that wearing your hair in your favorite style may be the source of your hair loss. The truth is, however, that your hair isn’t falling out because you wear ponytails. When people start losing hair it can be tempting to begin looking for any possible cause of hair loss, but blaming your hairstyle is missing the point.

While wearing the same hairstyle over and over again is almost never the cause of hair loss, it can put a strain on your hair. If you tend to wear your ponytail at the same height day in and day out, the elastic that you use to fasten your hair can put constant pressure in the same area. This is far more likely to lead to fraying and breakage, not hair loss. A solution to avoid breakage would be to vary your hairstyles a bit more. Make a point to alternate between elastics and claw clips to give your hair a break from the straining effects of elastics.

In extreme cases where a ponytail or braid is very tight, a condition called traction alopecia can occur. This is both rare and easily reversible. The initial sign that you may be developing traction alopecia is if your hairline begins to thin at the front. This thinning occurs due to the constant strain being put on your hairline from your hairstyle.

It is important to remember that this type of traction alopecia is reversible by simply putting less stress on your hair. If you find that you change your hairstyle up and that your hair continues to recede after a few weeks, it may be time to look into other options.

At Hairline Ink, we are well-versed in the many myths that people believe about their hair. We know how stressful losing hair can be and how out of control it can make you feel. We are committed to helping our clients build confidence by reversing the appearance of hair loss. Call us today at 585-250-0835 to find out if scalp micropigmentation is a good option for you.

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