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Does a Link Exist Between Hair Loss and Anger?

People tend to think anger and hair loss are completely linked, and affect each other from both directions. Hair loss results in a general feeling of anger about appearance, and anger—through increased heart rates, stress, maybe even hair-pulling—causes hair loss. While it is undeniable that there are people out there who are angry that they are either in the process of losing or have completely lost their hair, there is no definitive link between a one’s loss of their hair and their propensity for being aggressive.

Two of the biggest theories that suggest that hair loss is related to anger come in the form of the stress associated with anger and increased dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels. Both of these have what seem to be good points, but are largely unfounded.

For one, although people generally understand that increased stress levels can lead to hair loss, this kind of hair loss is not usually permanent. After stress levels have decreased for a solid period of time, then the hair will eventually grow back. This is only one reason that permanent hair loss is not quite explained by being angry. Moreover, the link between anger and stress, in which the stress leads to hair loss, has not been tested in any way. While it’s logical to assume that, since the two things go hand-in-hand, anger would lead to hair loss, this claim is not backed by any existing evidence.

The second claim is even easier to dispute, as it has since been proven that the additional DHT in someone’s system does not actually cause them to lose more hair. The only important factor of hair loss in individuals with high levels of DHT is how sensitive their androgen receptors are, which can be blocked by DHT, preventing natural hair growth. Although angry people have increased levels of DHT, the link is not that straightforward.

In many cases of hair loss in anger, the opposite connection may be true: anger levels increase as your hair loss continues. If this is the case, maybe it’s time you look for a new solution in the form of Scalp Micropigmentation. Contact Hairline Ink at (585)-250-0835 today!


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