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Does coconut oil really stop you from going bald?

It seems that every few weeks there’s a new trend touted as a cure-all to prevent baldness and improve hair growth. Coconut oil has a number of proven health benefits – it can improve cardiovascular health, reduce food cravings, and could even increase your body’s production of good cholesterol. But when it comes to what coconut oil can do for your hair and scalp health, scientists still dispute the extent of this oil’s powers.

One 2003 study found that, compared to mineral and sunflower oil, coconut oil is the best product for maintaining hair protein levels. Hair protein is often lost by over-brushing your hair, styling it with heat, and exposing it to excessive sunlight and wind. Scientists are not entirely sure why coconut oil performed better than the other two oils. But one guess is that coconut oil as a triglyceride of lauric acid allows it to penetrate the shaft of the hair better than the other two.

Some brands and companies promote using coconut oil as a quick way to encourage your hair to grow faster and longer. However, there is little to no real scientific evidence to fortify this claim. Coconut oil may be beneficial for your hair follicles when paired with other healthy hair habits, but researchers have not yet conducted any experiments solely to solidify the claim that coconut oil makes hair grow faster.

Based on the lack of evidence to support the claims of magazines and influencer Instagram accounts, coconut oil should not be your end-all solution for hair loss. If you notice your hair thinning, you may need to turn to more proven methods. Make a call to your doctor to determine whether your hair loss is normal or if it could be a sign of an underlying condition.

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