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Does Creatine Cause Hair Loss?

Men considering creatine as a workout supplement are often troubled by the rumors that creatine and hair loss are linked. The science on the subject, however, is not conclusive. In fact, only one 2009 study of a team of rugby players points to the fact that creatine may be responsible for hair loss. The results of this study have not been reproduced since it was conducted. Though the research in question has become a popular citation in the argument that creatine causes hair loss, this may not necessarily be true.

The most compelling piece of evidence that this study found was that creatine ingestion boosted the rugby players’ levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is an androgen, a male hormone which is a byproduct of testosterone. Though creatine is not definitively linked to hair loss, the overproduction of DHT has been shown to accelerate hair loss in genetically susceptible people. There are pharmaceuticals available to block the body’s overproduction of DHT, which can effectively slow or curb hair loss. To be clear, only one study links creatine to risen levels of DHT. So, it is plausible that creatine could cause hair loss, but it is not proven.

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Though it is unproven that creatine causes hair loss, in general hair loss is a complex issue. Figuring out the cause of hair loss can be a maddening mystery for many people, but there are options to offset the look of hair loss. The professionals at Hairline Ink use scalp micropigmentation to help those who wish to enhance their appearance and offset the look of hair loss. Through a follicle reproduction process, our team helps you achieve the look of a full and healthy scalp. Scalp micropigmentation is a guaranteed, affordable, and permanent solution to hair loss that will revive your appearance as well as your self-confidence. It is a possibility for people of any skin and hair color, and will be indistinguishable from natural hair. If you are interested in learning more about scalp micropigmentation, give us a call today at 585-250-0835.

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