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Does Nanogen Nanoguard really work for hair loss?

Nanoguard is a topical hair-loss treatment manufactured by the UK company Nanogen. The serum is meant for daily use, and the company claims its active ingredients reduce the loss of hair, help with hair growth, and target areas affected by male pattern baldness. The suite of Nanogen products claims to prevent damage to the follicles in the scalp and slow the shedding of hair.

Most people who suffer from some form of hair loss have researched products like Nanoguard and others, wondering about their effectiveness. Do they really work? Are they worth the money? Nanogen’s products, which include shampoos and other topical serums that the company recommends be used together, typically run over $100 per month for the full suite of products, which is extremely high for shampoos and topical treatments that may not work at all.

Fortunately for consumers, there is little evidence that the products manufactured by Nanogen have any reported side effects other than slight irritation of the scalp for some people. If you are considering trying Nanoguard or any of the Nanogen products, it is a good idea to test the product for a set period of time and see if it produces any results for you. While there isn’t an overwhelming amount of evidence to support its effectiveness, we never blame people for trying to find an effective treatment for their hair loss.

If you are one of the millions of Americans who feel that shampoos and other hair loss treatments like those made by Nanogen aren’t providing the results you’re looking for, consider the solution that so many people have turned to: Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP). Our satisfied clients will tell you that our non-intrusive treatment is low cost, low risk, and highly effective. To learn more about scalp micropigmentation or to schedule a free consultation, contact our friendly and experienced team at (585)-250-0835 today!


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