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Does Nexplanon Cause Women to Go Bald?

For many women on birth control, hair loss can be an unfortunate issue. For newer advancements in birth control away from the pill, such as Nexplanon, hair loss concerns can remain – but is Nexplanon any better in regards to hair loss than the pill?

Nexplanon is a birth control method that is an invisible implant under the skin, usually under the upper arm, which can deliver birth control for up to three years. While very convenient, it does not come without some side effects.

According to the clinical trials of Nexplanon, alopecia (hair loss) is experienced in more than 1% but less than 10% of Nexplanon patients. Like many birth control methods, this is due to the hormone changes that come from being on birth control – this type of hair loss is known as telogen effluvium and it can happen as long as you are on Nexplanon.

Generally speaking, women who have genetic backgrounds that make them more susceptible to hair loss are more likely to experience hair loss when on any sort of birth control, including Nexplanon. While hair loss should stop once you’ve ceased using birth control, there are many individuals who do not see their hair return as strongly as before.

For these women, hair loss can be especially stressful. While there are many solutions out there that promise to restore hair — from shampoos to supplements — very few have proven, lasting results.

Luckily, a process known as skin micropigmentation can create a fuller-looking head of hair for women who have faced telogen effluvium or other types of alopecia (hair loss). This process works by injecting small amounts of pigment into the skin, catered to the client’s liking. The pigment can help to achieve a fuller-looking head of hair by creating the appearance of density. Unlike many other treatments, this is usually accomplished in 2-3 sessions, each only spaced 1 week apart.

Many have found confidence in their hair again with the help of scalp micropigmentation. To learn more about this process and to receive a free quote, contact the experts of Hairline Ink today at 585-250-0835 or speak with one of our online representatives now.

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