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Does Procerin Actually Work?

Procerin is a hair supplement that can be ingested as a tablet or applied to the scalp in topical liquid form. Its ingredients include vitamin B6, palmetto, azelaic acid, and the company claims that the product helps prevent hair loss and promotes the regrowth of hair.

The makers of Procerin claim that their product inhibits the production of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which shortens the growth phase and encourages the shedding of hair. In its marketing materials, Procerin claims that you can “prevent hair loss and regrow hair in just a few weeks” when using their product, but so far, no clinical trials have been performed to confirm the company’s claims. In fact, the only “study” that has been conducted on the treatment is one that the company conducted itself, in which it claimed the product has an “88% success rate” among its participants.

While one of the ingredients in Procerin, saw palmetto, does have powerful anti-estrogen properties and can lower DHT levels, there still is not enough scientific evidence to prove that the ingredients in Procerin are effective in putting a stop to shedding and promoting new hair growth. If you are considering trying Procerin in tablet or shampoo form, you may be happy to know that the product does not carry side effects like many of the prescription treatments for hair loss do. These side effects may include impotence and sexual issues, which is enough to scare many people off from trying to solve their hair loss problems through pharmaceuticals.

Some men find that Procerin is a useful supplement, but many report that it has little-to-no-effect, especially long-term. If you are frustrated by the lack of reliable, long-term solutions to hair loss, you may wish to consider the procedure that so many men have turned to after trying supplements that don’t work: Scalp Micropigmentation.

Scalp micropigmentation is an effective, affordable, and permanent solution to hair loss that has delivered fantastic results for many people just like you. Learn more about our procedure, our world-class practitioners, and our many satisfied clients. If you are like so many other people across the U.S. that are not satisfied with the other types of hair loss treatments available, call us today at (585)-250-0835 to get more information or to schedule your free consultation today!

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