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Does ‘Synthroid’ Help Hair Growth?

An underactive thyroid, or hypothyroidism, can be caused by a thyroid gland that is damaged by radiation therapy, medications or because it has been removed. One treatment for hypothyroidism is Synthroid, a synthetic thyroid medication known generically as levothyroxine.

Hair loss is a known side effect of taking Synthroid. It could be caused by the wrong dosage, or even by the fillers an dyes in the medication. Both doses that are too high and doses that are not high enough can cause hair loss.

Indeed, there are many interrelated effects hypothyroidism, including hormone imbalances and nutrient deficiencies. Indeed, there have been cases where people apparently grew hair after using Synthroid, but these cases are not well-documented and can be due to several other causes.

Because of the anecdotal evidence that Synthroid may cause hair growth, many people whether it can be a possible solution for hair loss. It isn’t, and taking Synthroid unnecessarily can have major, unpleasant side effects like weight gain, extreme fatigue, and others that make it very risky.

Hairline Ink: A better solution for thinning hair.

However, there is another, much better solution for thinning hair. Hairline Ink has pioneered scalp micropigmentation, a computer-controlled, high-tech solution that will make it appear as if you have a full head of hair. The skill of our practitioners and the sophisticated technology and pigments we use will produce a hairline that appears three dimensional.

The treatments can be done over two days in our offices, including a three-to-four hour session the first day and a one-to-three hour session the second day. You will immediately see the difference and feel your confidence restored. People will not be able to tell you had a scalp micropigmentation procedure – unless you tell them. We can even make scars on your head virtually disappear with our scalp camouflage procedure.

If you have any questions about Hairline Ink’s scalp micropigmentation process, please contact our experts at Hairline Ink at 585-250-0835. Better yet, go to hairlineink.com and chat with our representatives. It will make you look good.

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