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Eating Disorders and Hair Loss

Eating disorders can have far-reaching impacts and can cause tremendous physical stress to the body. One of those oft-cited effects is hair loss.

According to Psychology Today, eating disorders (especially anorexia nervosa) can lead to a condition known as telogen effluvium. This condition is hair loss that is brought on by an acute event, such as stress, or in this case, extreme weight loss.

Given that hair loss is often delayed from the current state of your health, telogen effluvium can set in after a significantly stressful event or a bout of anorexia.

When the body is starved of nutrients, the nutrients that are coming in will start to be diverted only to the areas that the body finds essential. This does not include hair, and so without necessary nutrients such as zinc or protein, your hair will start to thin or even fall out. Typically, once you recover from this condition, the hair will start to regrow, unless hair loss is brought on by other factors such as genetics.

Whether you have been recovering from an eating disorder or face hair loss for another reason, there are many products out there that target those facing hair loss. While many products promise miracle cures and are backed by questionable science, very few cures actually provide lasting, consistent results.

A process known as scalp micropigmentation gives a no maintenance, lasting solution to hair loss. By injecting small amounts of pigment into the scalp to the patient’s liking, those with thinning hair are able to achieve a fuller-looking head of hair, while balding guys will be able to sport a clean-shaven look without the hassle of having to maintain a real clean-shaven look. Typically accomplished in 2-3 treatments spaced only 1 week apart, scalp micropigmentation does not have any significant side effects either during or after treatment.

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