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Facial Hair Loss

When most people think of hair loss, they are drawn immediately to images of a bald scalp rather than the loss of eyebrows, beards, or other facial hair. In truth, the loss of the ability to maintain and grow facial hair is one of the first side effects of male pattern baldness and other hair loss conditions. This can be devastating, as often times men use facial hair as a way to detract from hair loss on their scalp.

There are many scalp hair growth serums that promise results for facial hair as well. These usually come in the form of prescribed medications, such as Rogaine and Minoxidil. Both claim to increase hair loss in men by nearly 25 percent; however, this number rarely considers facial hair. In fact, some even claim that hair growth serums can actually worsen facial hair growth or cause facial hair growth in the wrong places.

Another type of hair serum involves the use of natural oils. Lavender and honey are both common in facial hair mixtures that claim to support facial hair growth. In reality, these serums merely moisturize the hair follicle rather than give any lasting treatment. You will also have to apply the oils multiple times a day, every day, which can be a hassle for someone with an on-the-go lifestyle.

So what is the true solution to hair loss? Hairline Ink has perfected a treatment called scalp micropigmentation that can give you the look of a permanent head of hair with the appearance of 3D hair follicles. In just two to three treatments, you will never have to return to a cream, medication, or serum ever again. Plus, unlike other solutions, scalp micropigmentation is fully customizable, meaning you will get the exact hair color and shade that you want. You have the perfect opportunity to reinvent yourself as you regain your self-confidence.

A lot of people try to use facial hair to mask their balding scalp. With scalp micropigmentation, you will no longer need to rely on facial hair as a distraction. If you are ready to leave your bald days behind you, visit our homepage or call us at (585) 250-0835 for more information.

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