Fact or Fiction: Do Swimming Pools Contribute to Hair Loss?

When someone begins to experience hair loss, they usually try to quickly determine the reason for losing their hair. Is it genetics? Is it your diet or lifestyle? People often try to find out the reason why they are experiencing hair loss in order to change whatever activity or lifestyle choice they did to cause the issue. These fears are often largely unfounded, however. Although someone who is experiencing a lot of stress may experience acute onset hair loss, daily activities are likely not the cause of your hair loss.

While swimming in a pool with chlorine may temporarily dye your hair a greenish tint if you have blonde hair, it does not contribute to hair loss. Chlorine may cause your hair to become dry or coarse, but it will not cause you to experience hair loss. Exposure to harsh chemicals may damage your hair, but will likely not cause it to fall out.

Interestingly enough, chlorine doesn’t actually dye blonde hair “green”, but rather, it is caused by copper, due to oxidized metals in the water, which attach to the proteins in the hair. Chlorine actually oxidizes the metals, and those metals create that greenish tint!

While there are many factors that can contribute to hair loss, swimming in pools is not one of them. Exposing your hair to all the chemicals in pools may seem like it can contribute to your hair loss, however, pool chemicals such as chlorine simply dry out your hair. A study from The Journal of Dermatology concluded that swimming in a pool has no correlation to hair loss. Instead, swimming in a pool with chlorine usually results in the stripping away of natural oils from the hair and skin, which often leaves you with dry, brittle hair.

The bottom line is: swimming pools are not likely the culprit when it comes to hair loss. While the chemicals used to keep water clean may damage the hair that you have, they are not the reason for noticeable and sustained hair loss. The good news is, you can enjoy pools in the summertime without having to worry about the effects they have on your hair! The bad news is, you will have to look elsewhere for a solution.

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