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Fact or Fiction: Is my vegetarian diet keeping my hair healthy?

When it comes down to it, research will tell you time and time again that the best thing for your hair is a healthy diet full of protein. It’s not all bad news though: research shows that while the hair in people with protein-deficient diets is less strong, it’s just as “elastic” as meat eaters’ hair, meaning it can bounce back. It’s important that all of us, though especially vegetarians and vegans, keep our hair away from heat and chemicals as much as possible to keep our hair as strong as possible.

Many vegans will supplement their protein intake with vitamins or protein-rich fruits like avocados, but those who refuse to partake in meat are often doomed to a life of weaker hair because they don’t actually know how to supplement their diets. Nutritionists agree: each and every one of us needs an appropriate amount of protein, vitamin B12, calcium, iron, omega-3 fats, vitamin D, and zinc, all of which are found in animal products in large quantities. These can be naturally found in foods like beans, nuts, whey, brown rice, and dark leafy greens. Anything not found in these food sources should be taken as pills, which can be found without prescriptions.

In short, the answer to the original question is no; a vegetarian diet will not end up helping you keep your hair healthy, but will actually force you to take more measures to ensure your hair is staying healthy.

Of course, in the case of hair loss, it’s often impossible to reverse the effects, no matter how healthy your diet or the supplements you’re taking. If you’re facing hair loss that’s leading to a drop in self-esteem or confidence, it may be time to seek a solution such as scalp micropigmentation. The artists at Hairline Ink have years of experience in giving back the appearance of a full head of hair through SMP. Find out more or set up an appointment by calling (585) 250-0835 today.

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