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Hair Loss in Teenage Boys

Unfortunately, hair loss and male pattern baldness are not just limited to older men. Teenage boys and younger men can often be affected by male pattern baldness as well. Unfortunately, hair loss of this variety (Alopecia) is caused by a combination of hormones and genes, which means that as a young man you often have little say in the matter of male pattern baldness.

Male pattern baldness can affect up to 1 in 5 men younger than 18, becoming more prevalent as men age, usually in full swing by a man’s 40s. It is far more common in Caucasian men than men of Asian or African descent. Hair loss can be either as a result of health issues, or just the previously mentioned factors of hormones and/or genes, so it is always best to make an appointment with a healthcare provider if you are experiencing hair loss, especially as a teenage boy or man under 25. Some hair loss can come about as a result of side effects of certain medications, or due to thyroid issues, especially if you are losing hair as a young person.

If you are losing hair and your doctor determines that it is due to genetics and/or hormones, unfortunately there is not a whole lot you can do that will be effective in the long term to get that hair back. However, a technique known as scalp micropigmentation can prove to be an effective solution for permanently disguising the appearance of hair loss.

Scalp micropigmentation works by injecting a small amount of natural pigment into the scalp in many tiny dots, simulating hair follicles. This can fill in thinning spots, mask bald patches, restore a receding hairline, or even totally cover a bald head. Typically, scalp micropigmentation comes without side effects and can be a lasting solution that is completed after only a few visits to one of our micropigmentation technicians.

The scalp micropigmentation experts of Hairline Ink are here to help you regain the confidence that comes with a full head of hair. Contact us today to learn more at 585-250-0835, or you may start a live chat here on our website to speak with a representative about your case. If you are under the age of 18, you may need a parent or guardian’s permission to try scalp micropigmentation.

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