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Hair Loss on the Keto Diet

Several studies pinpoint accelerated hair loss among those participating in a low carb diet. The ketogenic diet is not itself wholly responsible for hair loss, but it does serve as an explanation for those experiencing sudden hair loss. Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons the keto diet spurs on hair loss.

Substantial Calorie Deficits

Keto diets in their most extreme form can cause people to lose significant portions of their total body weight. Some people end up losing 25% of their total weight. In order to successfully shed this type of weight, participants must be consuming a fraction of the calories that they normally would. During periods of low-calorie intake, our body has less energy to function. When our bodies don’t have proper energy, they do not expend resources on non-vital functions such as hair growth.

Lack of Protein

A standard ketogenic diet plan advises that participants eat a high amount of fat, medium amount of protein, and extremely low amount of carbohydrates. Many people beginning the diet will under-consume protein for fear that too much protein will cause them to leave a state of ketosis. When we don’t eat proteins, we are unable to naturally consume the iron storage molecule ferritin. Low ferritin levels within the body can directly affect hair health.

Not Replenishing Mineral and Vitamin Stores

Vitamin deficiency can affect hair health as well. A lack of micronutrients and amino acids like zinc can cause hair to thin suddenly. As new keto diet participants begin eating a reduced amount of carbs, essential vitamins and minerals are flushed out during the first week of the diet.

While eating a reduced number of carbohydrates, your body begins to produce a lower amount of insulin and our glycogen stores begin to deplete as well. When glycogen is depleted, our kidneys react by excreting water and electrolytes. These electrolytes include magnesium, potassium, sodium, iodine, and zinc. All of these nutrients are flushed almost completely out of our bodies in just a few days. In order to produce healthy hair, it is essential to replace these vitamins through a natural diet or supplements.


If you are experiencing hair loss on while on the keto diet but do not wish to stop the diet, you may be interested in a solution for your hair loss. Scalp micropigmentation can be that solution. Learn more by contacting Hairline Ink at 585-250-0835 today.

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