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How Do I Stop Hair Loss?

Hair loss can be a very stressful event in many men’s lives. If you’re feeling self-conscious about your thinning hairline, there are countless ways to slow down the progression. Although this is by no means a comprehensive list, some of the most effective ways to counter hair loss are as follows.

1. Reduce stress

For men that are already experiencing hair loss, stress can speed up the process. Bouts of intense stress have been shown to set off rapid shedding of hair. It’s important to avoid stressful situations, yet every adult has to deal with some stressors in their day to day lives, whether it’s a job, finances, or personal issues. For these day to day triggers, activities such as exercise, meditation, and yoga can help reduce stress levels and slow hair loss. Being fit means that you release less cortisol, which keeps your hormone levels balanced.

2. Buy Rogaine

While meditation and exercise can slow balding, minoxidil-based treatments such as Rogaine can, in best case scenarios, stop it entirely. Unlike what the Rogaine ads seem to promise, it is rare that the product grows lost hair back. However, it is sufficient for stopping the spread of balding. It is best to buy Rogaine foam since the liquid can leave your hair greasy. One drawback is that Rogaine treatments cost thirty dollars a month, which is a sizeable financial commitment for many people.

3. Get anti-balding shampoo

Ketoconazole shampoos have been shown to counteract the effects of hair loss. Store brands that contain one percent ketoconazole are available, and you can talk to your doctor to get a prescription for a more powerful version that contains two percent ketoconazole. These shampoos are very easy to use. You apply them as you would a regular shampoo, and then wait two to three minutes for the ketoconazole to set before rinsing it out.

There are various ways you can reduce or slow the progression of hair loss. If you find that your efforts are ineffective and you have lost the majority of your hair, Hairline Ink can help. We have many skilled specialists trained in the art of scalp micropigmentation. To learn more about this process, call us today at (585) 250-0835 to speak with one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives.

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