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How does scalp micropigmentation work for those with long hair?

Scalp Micropigmentation is great a great option for those with long hair who hope to keep the length even though their hair is thinning in some places. Female pattern baldness, similarly to male pattern baldness, attacks women in their older age as a hereditary, and extremely common, form of alopecia. In women, however, this often doesn’t mean the signature horseshoe hairline look that accompanies male pattern baldness, but rather a noticeable thinning along the part and perhaps in the back of the hair. Men with long hair who often tie up their hair may also notice thinning along these same lines. Micropigmentation artists will use the technique to create density in the areas where you’re experiencing thinning.

Unfortunately, this technique only really works with people who have an existing hairline. During a procedure to add density, the artists at Hairline Ink will never add hair past the hairline. Scalp micropigmentation on a bald spot on the head will simply look like a close shave. Clients who use scalp micropigmentation to fill in their hairlines often have to keep the rest of their naturally growing hair cut extremely short to keep the look realistic. One of the goals of scalp micropigmentation is to achieve a realistic look, which is why we will not perform a procedure for density on someone with large bald spots or complete hair loss.

When you aren’t quite sure which procedure would work best for you, it’d be best to contact the artists at Hairline Ink, all of whom have gone through the process themselves. They have years of experience bringing the appearance of hairlines and lushness back into the lives of many. Or end goal is to give our client’s a realistic and long-term solution to give them back their confidence. Many of our clients had given up hope on their full hairlines and youthful density of hair; Hairline Ink has been able to give it back to them. Call us today at (585) 250-0835 to set up your own appointment.

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