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How Long will Scalp Micropigmentation Last?

Many hair loss solutions advertise themselves as long-term or even permanent that are far from it. Hair transplants may work for a long time, if they work at all, but since most hair loss is genetic, it’s almost guaranteed that your hair will eventually start to thin again. Even in the most successful hair transplants, the process leaves an unattractive scar, one that can be masked by a process like Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP). In many cases, other non-invasive or natural treatments may slow the process of hair loss, but it will not keep your hair from falling out altogether, and it will not bring back your hair. One of the only truly permanent solutions to masking your receding hairline is scalp micropigmentation, a hyper-realistic design that’s done with needles and ink on the top of the head to mimic hair follicles.

This process is incredibly similar to tattooing, and likewise, is similarly permanent. There are some distinct differences in the process, however, including the size of the needles, the ink used, and level of skill that the artists possess. So, while the ink is permanent like a tattoo, it doesn’t run. However, depending on how well you take care of your head after the procedure, the ink may eventually fade a bit. At Hairline Ink, we find that clients that come back take years before they first need a touchup. The process of fading can be slowed down by avoiding sun damage by using sunscreen, wearing hats, or avoiding going outside in direct sunlight as much as possible.

At Hairline Ink, people undergo three sessions at most before the look is considered complete. On average, the number of treatments is two, which take place over the course of only a few weeks. After this second or third session, it may be years before a client comes back to see us. The price for this fourth treatment varies, and it’d be best to speak to one of our skilled artists when that day comes. You can get into contact with us at (585)-250-0835 today, whether it’s simply to look at your options, have a consultation for your first treatment, or to come back for a touch-up.

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