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How to hide scars from scalp reduction surgery

Scalp reduction surgery is often performed when individuals have cicatricial alopecia, trauma surgery, or burns. It is usually implemented alongside a hair transplant to enhance the results. Due to the invasive nature of this procedure, patients often are left with visible scarring on the scalp from the surgery, and these scars are usually challenging to conceal.

Fortunately, many of our patients are happy to report that scalp micropigmentation significantly conceals the scars left from their scalp reduction surgeries. The team of practitioners at Hairline Ink specialize in this safe and effective treatment, and we are prepared to help you. We have seen countless people come in with severe scarring from scalp reduction surgeries, and we’ve been able to give them a renewed sense of confidence and satisfaction in their appearance.

Our track record of helping people camouflage scars speaks for itself, and our happy clients will tell you it is the best decision they have ever made. We know that severe scarring can make you self-conscious and reduces your styling options. With our advanced cosmetic pigmentation method, you can get the freshly-shaved look that you’ve wanted, without worrying about people noticing your scars.

If you had scalp reduction surgery and want to know more about how we can help you conceal the scars, contact us at 585-250-0835, or fill out a contact form to get a free quote!



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