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Autumn and Hairloss

How Your Identity and Family History can Affect Your Hair Loss

Many people experience hair loss at some point in their lives. Often, the cause is nothing more than age, and as people get older, their chances for hair loss can begin to increase. However, there are many ways your heredity can determine how soon you will begin to lose your hair, and how much of it you’ll begin to miss.

When tracking hair loss through hereditary lines, it’s best to look down the maternal side of the family, rather than the paternal. If your father and father’s father experienced dramatic hair loss, you could also be prone to the same outcome, but if your mother and your mother’s father still have full heads of hair, your prognosis actually looks pretty good.

While heredity plays a large part in the chances of hair loss, race can also end up being a critical contributing factor. It’s generally known by hair loss experts that caucasian men experience the most hair loss and at the highest rates per population, due to genetics. African Americans experience hair loss in fewer numbers than Caucasian Americans, and Eastern Asian Americans experience even less hair loss than that. Native Americans tend to experience next to no hair loss.

Race is actually a good determining factor for what kinds of treatments you’ll want to look into. Hair restoration surgery, for example, ends up working best for Caucasian people because their hair tends to be both straight, and plentiful. Curly hair or too little hair can be causes for poor results when using this method of treatment. For non-surgical treatments, it’s best to discuss what types of deficiencies you have with a doctor, to determine if your hair loss could be helped with certain supplements or vitamins. Such deficiencies can be linked either to ethnic background or family medical history.

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