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Jamie Foxx Head Tattoo

Jamie Foxx’s Tattoo Might Reveal a Common Flaw in a Popular Hair Transplant Procedure

Jamie Foxx seems to just be getting better with age.

Foxx was approaching forty when he had his biggest years to date. Between 2003 and 2006, he won an Academy Award, a BAFTA Award, and Golden Globe for his performance in Ray; he was nominated for an additional Academy Award for his performance in Collateral; his album Unpredictable went platinum; and he was nominated for four Grammys.

Like many celebrities, Foxx seemed to be working hard and coasting through the later years of his life in an almost superhuman way.

Until we saw a very human, very relatable crack in that veneer…

Foxx began sporting a tribal tattoo on the back of his head in 2007, which, he claims, was nothing more than a 40th birthday present to himself. However, some speculate that the tattoo actually serves to cover any evidence of a recent hair transplant.

scar camouflage for fue strip

Let’s explore.

  • Exhibit 1: It’s unsurprising that we’ve seen Foxx’s hair thin and hairline recede over the years. But in his forties, Foxx’s hair seems to have abruptly returned the thickness and structure of his In Living Color days, almost three decades ago.
  • Exhibit 2: The tattoo that appeared during this time has a suspiciously similar size, shape, and placement of the scar often left by an invasive surgical hair transplantation technique called “strip excision harvesting.”

Strip harvesting is one of the most popular treatments for male pattern baldness, but it comes with a price; typically at least $10,000!

Surgeons remove a thin 8-10 inch strip of skin from the back of the head in an area unaffected by hair loss. They then disassemble the strip and graft each functioning unit of hair individually to fill in the sections of the head affected by hair loss. The wound from the donor area is sutured, but often leaves a distinct scar, which is difficult to conceal for men who like to keep their hair short.

Success and complications rates for this procedure vary, but in any event, Jamie Foxx looks great. And we get it. Many of us don’t know how much of our self image and confidence is wrapped up in our hair until we begin to lose it. This experience is hard enough to cope with on a personal scale—one can imagine the scrutiny celebrities experience in the spotlight.

However, we wish someone told Jamie that there is a cheaper, easier, less painful way…

With cosmetic scalp micropigmentation (SMP), technicians permanently inject ink to the scalp in a layering manner that is designed to mimic a natural, freshly shaved head of hair, or add density to thinning hair; it can even be used to camouflage scars from hair transplants. It makes an especially ideal solution for someone who likes the close cut look that Foxx has been rocking for years.

And the best part? With scalp micropigmentation, tribal head tattoos become a choice instead of a necessity!

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