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Saw Palmetto for Hair Growth

Berries from the saw palmetto are a natural remedy to treat hair loss for years. Originally discovered as an herbal remedy by Native Americans, saw palmetto has also been used to treat bladder infections, prostate cancer, and low libido.

Male pattern baldness, as well as baldness in women, is caused by testosterone that converts to a molecule called DHT, which is specifically responsible for hair loss and an enlarged prostate. Saw palmetto is thought to block an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase, which is instrumental in converting testosterone to DHT. Synthesized medicines for hair loss mimic the chemical reactions of saw palmetto on humans.

Unfortunately, research on saw palmetto as a cure for hair loss is limited. One small study of 25 men saw hair count increased by almost 12 percent after four months of treatment.

Side Effects of Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto does have known side effects. It is a natural blood thinner and should not be taken before surgery, or in conjunction with any other blood-thinning medications, like aspirin and warfarin. Saw palmetto works similarly to finasteride, also used to treat enlarged prostate and hair loss. They should not be taken together.

Saw palmetto interacts with some birth control pills, so consult your doctor before combining them. It is a powerful supplement and is not recommended for children or pregnant/breastfeeding women. In general, consult your physician before using saw palmetto!

Saw palmetto is a possible treatment for thinning hair, but it is not well-understood if it will work at all, when it will work, and how well it will work. But there is an alternative that will make you look as if you have a full head of hair, and restore your confidence.

Scalp micropigmentation uses computer-controlled technology to give your scalp the same look you had before you lost your hair. Hairline Ink’s skilled technicians have deep experience with pigments and techniques that will give you a natural, clean-shaven look. Best of all, it lasts indefinitely!

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